What is Involved in a Car Accident Injury Claim?

image of a car got accident front damaged
What is involved in a car accident injury claims? The damages and expenses that you incur as a result of the accident will be accounted for. Medical expenses may include hospital bills, prescription drugs, and surgery. You may be entitled to claim for ongoing care as well. Your medical costs may also include lost wages, replacement services, childcare, yard work, and other duties you once...
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Personal Injury Claims Car Accident Compensation

car accident image tire wheel white
There are several things to keep in mind when filing a personal injury claim for car accidents. No-fault insurance will generally cover the medical expenses of the other party, and it will likely pay for yours as well. But what about the Statute of Limitations? And how much compensation can you expect to receive? Read on to learn more about the process. In addition, we...
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Situations Where I Should Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

image of two lawyers
When should you hire a personal injury lawyer? There are many situations when you should do so, including after an auto accident, slip and fall accident, or wrongful death case. There are also situations where you may need representation after a long-term disability claim. In these situations, it may be in your best interest to hire an attorney who can represent you during negotiations with...
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What Are Considered As Personal Injuries?

law representation Personal injury
Personal injury laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some personal injury laws deal with intentional acts or negligence, while others focus on general damages and loss of work time. In the United States, personal injuries are most commonly defined as physical harm caused by a negligent act, such as a slip and fall accident or a car crash. The laws governing personal injury vary greatly...
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Who Pays For Car Accident Settlement?

Car Accident Settlement person green jacket
When you are involved in a car accident, it can be confusing as to who pays for your medical bills and what happens next. The Insurance companies, Attorneys, and Medical providers all have a role to play. If you are in a collision and you are at fault for the accident, the Insurance company will pay for all your medical bills and you will receive...
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Car Accident Settlement Without Insurance

man got in accident roadside
If you are in a car accident without insurance, you may wonder what you should do to receive the compensation you deserve. After all, most Americans don’t have personal savings large enough to pay for major expenses. As a result, you may be left penniless, or at least, very short on cash. If you’re unsure of what to do next, here are a few things...
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Common Types of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can happen in many ways unfortunately. Accidents between two trucks, a truck and a passenger car, a truck and a parked vehicle, a truck and a stationary object or animal, or between no other vehicles. Regardless of the vehicles involved, commercial trucks are large and heavy and they can cause significant property damage and serious or fatal injuries. What are The Types Of......
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How Car Accident Insurance Claims Work In California?

On an average day, you do not think about your car insurance policy.  You definitely aren’t thinking about it when a loud crash interrupts your favorite radio station or when your seatbelt keeps your head from hitting the steering wheel throughout your trip home. Now your thoughts are filled with the fear and stress that a car accident causes: medical bills, vehicle repairs, lost wages,......
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What Are The Individual Elements Of A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

wrongfull death paperwork clipboard legal gavel brown desk
Highly detailed laws in each state govern legal action for wrongful death. But some fundamental ideas apply to most jurisdictions, regardless of the specifics of the wrongful death claim or the litigation process. The “Plaintiff” in a civil lawsuit, often a close relative bringing the claim on behalf of all the deceased’s heirs in a wrongful death case, is the individual who files the complaint....
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Car Accident Settlement Multiple Injuries

car accident multiple injuries blue clothed man front bumer
When it comes to car accident settlement, many injuries are expensive and can limit your ability to work. Those injuries are Special Damages, as they involve medical bills and therapy bills. Also included in car accident settlement are lost wages and personal pain and suffering. Special Damages are calculated through several methods. General Damages include property damage and loss of enjoyment of life. There are...
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