10 Reasons to Choose The Reeves Law Group

1) Our Winning Record

  • Our personal injury law firm has won hundreds of cases in the Multimillion to $100,000 range.
  • These results do not guarantee the outcome of your case, but they show our ability to produce them in a variety of cases. Every year we win numerous significant results and many millions of dollars for our clients.

2) Our Financial Resources

  • Personal injury cases can require large sums of money. As an example, a brain injury case can cost in excess of $100,000.00 to prosecute.
  • In one case alone we invested $250,000.00. Few lawyers have these resources. Lawyers who don’t have adequate finances may be pressed to settle cases too early, or for less than they are worth.

3) Our personal attention to your case

  • Unlike many other firms, Reeves Law Group’s personal injury attorneys handle exclusively serious injury, catastrophic injury, and wrongful death cases. We are backed by a large support staff of legal assistants, administrators, investigators, and retained experts.
  • We believe that having trained personnel in sufficient numbers results in better representation and greater outcomes.

4) Our Concentration On Personal Injury Cases

  • Personal injury cases are best handled by lawyers with specialized expertise in the personal injury legal field. Unlike many law firms, we handle accident and personal injury cases only. By concentrating in one area, we have developed a high level of expertise and capability in our field. This has lead to better service and better results for our clients.

5) Our Technology and State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

  • We use top technologies and tools to maximize the efficiency of our work. We have direct access to the top legal databases, specialized software and online resources to perform sophisticated yet quick investigations and technical research. We also use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct highly effective presentations at mediations, arbitrations and trials. All of our cases are also computerized in order to expedite our litigation and case handling functions.

6) Our Commitment to Our Clients

  • Our commitment to our clients is complete. We are passionate about rectifying the wrongdoings that cause our clients’ injuries. Our firm’s operations are designed with various levels of quality controls to ensure that our legal representation is superior and that our clients’ needs and concerns are addressed in a prompt and satisfactory manner. We believe in zealous and aggressive work on behalf of our clients. We are also committed to a positive relationship with our clients and rendering caring and compassionate services.

7) Our Team and Our Experience

  • Our firm has been fighting for the rights of injured victims for over three decades. The Reeves Law Group have litigated to successful conclusion thousands of personal injury claims.
  • We hold ourselves to the top standards of quality and service and are recognized in the community of lawyers, claims representatives and judges for our professionalism and competence. Our firm is backed by a well-trained and skilled support staff, and we also have at our disposal a large group of superb and trial-tested experts with whom we work to enhance the prosecution of our clients’ cases.

8) Our Caring and Compassion

  • Our gratification derives from providing services that make a difference in the lives of individuals. Throughout the representation of thousands of clients we have seen up-close the adverse impact that serious injuries bring to individuals’ lives and their families. We achieve satisfaction when we produce results that lead to improvements in their lives. Our dedicated team of professionals work actively on helping our clients with their difficulties. We have maintained relationships with some of our clients even after we have resolved their claims, for years in some cases.

9) Our Home and Hospital Consultations

  • We understand the difficulties that many of our clients face due to their injuries. Many cannot travel to our offices due to their serious conditions. When you call us for legal representation, we will offer to visit you personally at your convenience. We will travel to your home, hospital or any other appropriate location to meet with you and commence your representation immediately. We will ensure that your case will not be affected by any delays in representation. For our clients’ convenience, we also have multiple meeting locations for conferences, depositions, mediations, and other meetings. We will also endeavor to arrange for transportation, if ever needed, to any of our meeting locations, or to our hub office in Orange, California.

10) Our “No Fee Unless We Win” Policy

  • We provide our legal services on a contingency basis. This means that we will not charge a fee or seek reimbursement for costs advanced unless your case is won. We also provide our clients with a written explanation of the settlement or verdict amounts recovered and their distribution for the clients’ approval prior to their cases being closed.
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