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What Is a Hypoxic Brain Injury?

picture of a brain illustration hypoxic brain injury with lung and blood graphics
Hypoxic brain injury, a serious medical condition, occurs when the brain is deprived of adequate oxygen supply. This can lead to significant cognitive, physical, and psychological challenges. Understanding the causes, symptoms, treatment options, and preventive measures is crucial for both medical professionals and the general public. Table of Contents Understanding Hypoxia Causes of Hypoxic Brain Injury Symptoms and Diagnosis Treatment and Management Recovery and Rehabilitation...
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Proving Fault in a California Car Accident: What You Need to Know

car accident t boned in intersection silver sedan
In life, some things may come easier than others. For example, if you spilled a gallon of paint on the carpet, it’s a safe assumption most would figure out who to blame. Now imagine that same scenario, but instead of paint it’s a car accident and instead of a carpet it’s the California highway. Now, who is to blame? It may not seem as easy...
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The Reeves Law Group Awards $2,500 Scholarship to Harvard Law Student, Adaeze Anita Onyimah

2022 reeves future lawyer scholarship
The Reeves Law Group has just awarded a $2,500 scholarship to Adaeze Anita Onyimah, to assist her financially at Harvard Law School. This year marks the 8th anniversary of the firm’s annual Future Lawyer Scholarship, which is designed to assist law students who are focused on innovative ways to provide legal services to the community, particularly to the less fortunate. “The judging for scholarship applications...
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Common Slip And Fall Injuries

man falling on the floor injured
Like many individuals, you might think of slip and fall accidents resulting in skinned knees, a sprained wrist, or an ankle sprain. Trip and fall incidents, often known as slip and fall accidents, can result in severe injuries with long-lasting effects. Elderly people are more vulnerable to slip-and-fall injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the top cause of fatal...
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Where Do Slip And Fall Accidents Most Commonly Occur?

caution wet floor yellow sign with blue background 3 people walking on stairs and rails
Slip and fall accidents are difficult to predict as they can take place just about anywhere, on any surface, although there are some areas where these types of accidents are more likely to occur, like grocery stores and parking lots. Where a slip and fall accident happens has considerable influence on how a plaintiff goes about making a slip and fall claim, so if you...
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What Types Of Surfaces Can Result In A Slip And Fall?

wet floor caution warning yellow sign
A fall is an accident that can be fatal, cause major injuries, and necessitate hospitalization. The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that every day in the United States, there are about 25,000 slip, trip, and fall accidents. According to the NSC, these accidents are the leading cause of preventable fatalities in adults 65 and older. Accidents involving slipping and falling can occur in various settings,...
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Rideshare Accident Statistics 2022

two person showing statistics each other near white car
In 2022, Uber and Lyft have become de-facto players in the on-demand transportation business by providing passengers easy access to clean, pleasant, and affordable rideshare services. With a combined market capitalization of billions of dollars, Uber and Lyft have succeeded in recruiting more drivers and customers, hence increasing traffic volume in Northern and Southern California and across the nation. Now that Uber and Lyft have...
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What Is Rideshare Insurance?

rideshare insurance diagram of red and blue cars
As a personal injury attorney, I have seen the ridesharing market expanded quickly in recent years. The need for comfortable transportation is at an all-time high due to increased population and industrialization around the world, particularly in major cities. If you are interested in taking part in the ridesharing industry, now may be the time to review rideshare insurance so that you know how you’re...
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What Happens If You Ignore Mandatory Evacuation Orders?

As of Friday evening, Hurricane Irma had maximum sustained winds of 155 mph — just below highest Category 5 status — and is forecast to remain at about that strength when it comes ashore on Sunday morning. Mandatory evacuation orders have now been issued in numerous counties, including all residents and visitors in the Florida Keys. Despite its vulnerability to extreme weather, Florida does not......
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The Unfortunate Truth: The Most Common Auto Accident Injuries

man lying on street with straps and paramedic hands first aid bangage gray
Car accidents are a prominent cause of injuries. In 2019, roughly 6.6 million vehicle accidents were reported. Of the traffic accidents reported in 2020, roughly 42,000 were fatal and another 4.8 million incurred other injuries. The damage they leave behind can be significant. The economic cost of car accidents is projected to be $871 billion per year — roughly $900 for every person residing in...
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