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San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorneys

If you or someone you know has been hurt in an accident in the City of San Bernardino or San Bernardino County, contact a skilled personal injury lawyer today.

When someone is hurt by another person’s careless actions, our legal system allows the victim to be compensated for the damage that was caused. The idea is that the compensation will help the injured person become whole again. Of course, when a serious accident happens, the pain may never go away. However, receiving compensation can help the victim move on with his or her life. If you need the help of a personal injury attorney, contact The Reeves Law Group. The firm represents San Bernardino clients in many types of personal injury cases.

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Personal Injuries

Accidents resulting in a personal injury civil case can be varied and range from simple to complex. Some of the most common types of cases in the San Bernardino area are:

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Elements of a Personal Injury Case

A personal injury case usually involves two parties who were in an accident—the injured person (called the plaintiff) and the person who caused the injury (called the defendant). As a general rule, the injured person must show that the person who is responsible acted carelessly. To make their case, the victim must show four primary elements.

  • Duty: The defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff. For example, a property owner has the duty to keep their property safe so that visitors are not hurt.
  • A Violation of This Duty: The accident victim must show that the defendant did not exercise reasonable care, violating their duty.
  • Cause of Injury: The accident occurred because of something the defendant did. For example, a person was hurt after slipping on the floor because the defendant had spilled something and didn’t clean up the mess.
  • Damages: Plaintiffs need to show that they were hurt by the defendant’s carelessness. For example, if the person who slipped suffered a broken arm or leg in the fall, they might be entitled to money for their injury, assuming that fault is established.
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Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents

People are hurt on the road every day. If someone was hurt by the carelessness of another person, he or she could earn compensation for injuries. For example, if a driver, motorcyclist, bike rider or pedestrian is hit by an intoxicated driver, the injured person can seek damages. A knowledgeable car accident attorney will seek the maximum amount of compensation in your case.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), in 2011, there were 29,757 fatal motor vehicle accidents nationwide. In San Bernardino County, 2011 saw 53 deaths resulting from a motor vehicle crash.

Property Injuries

Property owners owe a duty to their guests to safely maintain their property. If an accident like a slip and fall occurs due to dangerous property conditions, the property owner may be responsible for the victim’s injuries.
The California Department of Health tracks injuries sustained in each county and reports the different types of injuries suffered. In 2012, the Department of Health reported the following statistics for San Bernardino:

  • 76 fatal falls sustained by all age groups
  • 46,399 non-fatal falls sustained by all age groups (that required hospitalization or emergency medical attention)

Work-Related Injuries

Normally, when an employee was hurt on the job, that person cannot seek compensation directly from their employer. Workers’ compensation insurance benefits, however, may be available. It is smart to consult with a work injury attorney to guide you through your claim.

In 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a total of 41 fatal occupational injuries in the San Bernardino metropolitan area. Work injuries can happen in risky work environments, such as construction sites, but can also occur in office buildings and at desk jobs.

Wrongful Death Cases

A wrongful death claim arises when a person dies from injuries sustained because of another person’s carelessness. These claims are closely related to personal injury cases, as the deceased person would have been able to file a personal injury lawsuit if he had lived. However, when a person dies from injuries, the person’s family can file a claim, which is like a personal injury claim for another person, on behalf of the deceased.

In San Bernardino County in 2012, the California Department of Public Health recorded the following causes of fatal injuries:

  • Falls: 76 fatalities
  • Bicycle and pedestrian injuries: 57 fatalities
  • Car crashes: 56 fatalities
  • Motorcycle collisions: 27 fatalities
  • Drownings: 16 fatalities
  • Severe burns: 4 fatalities
  • Machinery injuries: 2 fatalities
  • Injuries from being struck by an object: 1 fatality

Every wrongful death attorney at The Reeves Law Group takes these cases very seriously, and we are dedicated to helping the survivors of those killed to seek compensation by filing a claim in San Bernardino accidents.

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