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The Reeves Law Group is a well-established personal injury law firm / attorney located in Los Angeles and Orange County. We specialize in and can help you with serious and catastrophic accident and personal injury cases. Our firm has been in existence for over 30 years and has won superior results for thousands of injured clients.

Personal Injury Attorney Derek Pakiz and his legal team expertly represent the firm’s clients, and besides continually bringing in major results, the firm consistently demonstrates empathy and a deep sense of care in their long list of successful cases regardless of small or large outcomes–such as car accidents, workplace incidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful deaths, slip-and-falls, drownings, and others in LA and Orange County.

We prioritize achieving the most favorable outcomes and for each of our law firm’s clients along with ensuring the highest level of sensitivity and care during this physically and emotionally distressing time.

The Reeves Law Group is committed to personal attention, aggressive representation, and resolution of your case for full and fair compensation at the earliest possible time. But if your case does need to go to trial, know that Derek Pakiz is a State Bar-recognized civil trial specialist, the first and only one in more than 250,000 attorneys in California to be certified in both Civil Trial and Truck Accident law.

Derek Pakiz and Caroline attorneys reviewing PI case in front of window

Also, Derek Pakiz is presumptively the nation’s foremost attorney authority in drowning and near-drowning cases, owing to his decades of supervisory and hands-on lifeguarding experience.

If you are in need of a professional plaintiff’s lawyer, call The Reeves Law Group. We are 10/10 rated firm on Avvo and are very often referred via word-of-mouth throughout Southern California! We will always treat you with courtesy, compassion, and respect.

Feel free to browse the latest testimonials on our website from our thankful clients or research our firm’s reputation on Google.

For your convenience we offer:
  • Home and hospital visits
  • Night and weekend appointments
  • No charge unless we win your case
  • Help with medical attention
  • Transportation arrangements

For the convenience of our clients, we have a downtown Los Angeles office and an Orange County office. We also have numerous meeting locations throughout Southern California, so contact us via our Quick Response page today!

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Areas of Focus

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If you or someone you care about has been hurt in an accident, you need the help of a compassionate yet aggressive personal injury attorney that specializes in plaintiff’s law–such as The Reeves Law Group. An accident can cause major disruptions to your life and can place tremendous emotional and financial burdens on you. In the aftermath of an injury, you may require medical treatment, be forced to miss work, and have to put your regular life on hold. A skilled Los Angeles or Orange County personal injury law firm can help you minimize the damage caused by these unexpected events and can help the you or your loved ones get back on their feet.

We are a premiere Southern California law firm and have been featured in Newsweek’s Top 10 Trial Lawyers in the Country. The Reeves Law Group, has been representing accident victims for over 30 years in some of the largest and most complex types of cases in Los Angeles and Orange County. The firm’s success has resulted in many million and multi-million dollar verdicts and has won our office praise from reputable legal organizations.

Our firm places a strong emphasis on transparency and open communication, so rest assured that all legal proceedings, motions and updates will be thoroughly detailed and made clear to you throughout the process. Also, our firm has a “no fee unless we win” policy, which makes costs/fees and our engagement terms fair and easy to understand.

Practice Areas

Traffic Collisions

Traffic collisions such as car accidents involve passenger vehicles colliding due to various reasons such as speeding, distracted driving, or weather conditions. The Los Angeles and Orange County car accident attorneys at the Reeves Law Group can guide you through the legal process to ensure justice and help secure maximum compensation for your injuries and damages resulting from a traffic collision.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can result from blows to the head, often leading to long-term or permanent disability. Our brain injury law firm has won over $30 million on a brain injury case, and we  can help you secure compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, and lost quality of life.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when a person dies due to the negligence or misconduct of another party. This is a terrible loss that no amount of money can make right. Derek Pakiz our experienced wrongful death attorney can at least help you pursue justice and compensation for the loss of your loved one, covering funeral expenses, lost income, and emotional distress.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents involve large vehicles such as semi-trucks and 18 wheelers can result in severe injuries due to their size and weight when they hit a smaller passenger vehicle. Our trucking accident attorneys in LA as well as Orange County can navigate the complex regulations governing trucking companies to help you recover damages for your injuries whether your accident happened on the 91 freeway or a country road.

Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare accidents involve vehicles operated by companies like Uber or Lyft, complicating liability and insurance issues. Our specialist Uber-Accident lawyer in Los Angeles and Orange County can help you understand your rights and pursue compensation for your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are very popular in California due to the many mountain and coastal roads that offer excellent riding conditions. Unfortunately however accidents happen. And often result in serious injuries due to the lack of protection motorcycles offer compared to cars. Our stellar and compassionate motorcycle accident lawyer can advocate for your rights to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents occur when individuals fall and injure themselves on someone else’s property due to hazardous conditions. Our expert slip/trip and fall attorney can assist in proving negligence and obtaining compensation for your injuries, such as the $3 million we won for a local Orange County slip and fall accident client.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Back and neck injuries, such as spinal cord injuries can lead to significant disability, requiring long-term medical care. Our spinal cord injury attorney in Los Angeles can assist in recovering damages for ongoing medical expenses, lost earnings, and personal suffering.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents encompass injuries sustained in the course of employment, from falls to equipment malfunctions. A workplace accident lawyer or California Workers’ Compensation attorney can guide you through workers’ compensation claims or lawsuits against responsible parties.

Dog Bites

Dog bites can cause significant physical and emotional trauma and may result from an owner’s negligence in controlling their pet. If you’ve suffered a dog bite from a dangerous breed (or any breed quite frankly), our dog bite attorney in Los Angeles can help you secure compensation for medical treatments, pain and suffering, and any long-term care required.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice arises when healthcare professionals fail to provide the standard care, resulting in harm to the patient. A specialist medical malpractice lawyer can assist you in holding medical professionals accountable and obtaining compensation for your suffering and medical expenses.

Product Liability

Product liability refers to injuries caused by defective or unsafe products. A product liability lawyer at the Reeves Law Group can help you prove the product’s fault and recover damages for your injuries and suffering.

Premises Liability

Premises liability involves injuries occurring on someone’s property due to unsafe conditions. A premises attorney at the Reeves Law Group can represent you in holding property owners accountable for their negligence and securing the compensation you deserve for suffering an injury in a place you never expected to get hurt at.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can occur during childbirth due to medical negligence, affecting a newborn’s health. An attorney specializing in birth injuries can help you seek compensation for medical treatment and care necessary for your child’s recovery and future.

Dangerous Products

Dangerous products can cause harm or injury when they fail to work as intended due to design or manufacturing defects. A product liability attorney can help you in holding manufacturers accountable and recovering damages for your injuries.

ATV Accidents

ATVs are very popular in Socal and accidents involve all-terrain vehicles and can result in serious injuries due to rollovers or collisions. The Reeves Law Group in Los Angeles and Orange County can help you pursue claims against responsible parties or manufacturers for your injuries and losses.

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents include injuries sustained at workplaces and on construction sites, from falls to equipment accidents. A local construction accident attorney can assist you in navigating legal claims for compensation against employers, contractors, or equipment manufacturers.

Property Damage

Property damage involves harm to personal or real property due to accidents or negligence. A property damage attorney in Los Angeles or OC can assist you in recovering the costs to repair or replace your damaged property.

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse includes physical, emotional, or financial harm inflicted on older individuals. An elder abuse attorney can help protect your loved ones and pursue compensation and justice for the harm they have suffered from this detestable form of abuse.

Daycare Abuse

Daycare abuse encompasses physical, emotional, or sexual abuse of children in childcare settings. A plaintiff’s lawyer that specializes in this can represent you and your child in seeking justice and compensation for the abuse suffered.

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At The Reeves Law Group, we are dedicated to practice of personal injury law – It’s all we do! Since opening our doors more than 30 years ago, we’ve secured hundreds of winning case results, many worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Read our about us!

Passionate about our practice, and committed to our clients, we have a long record of success fighting large insurance companies and individual defendants. We are ready to do the same for you.

If you’re ready to discuss your personal injury case with us, you can contact us and schedule a free case evaluation with our team of experts and trial lawyer through our confidential Quick Response page or by calling (800) 644-8000 for a free consultation regarding your injury needs. We make home and hospital visits.

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