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There are several things to keep in mind when filing a personal injury claim for car accidents.

No-fault insurance will generally cover the medical expenses of the other party, and it will likely pay for yours as well.

But what about the Statute of Limitations? And how much compensation can you expect to receive? Read on to learn more about the process.

In addition, we will discuss the costs associated with filing a claim and the value of your claim.

No-fault insurance pays for medical expenses

Medical expenses are typically not paid by no-fault car insurance. However, the insurance company may send you to an IME to determine whether your treatment is necessary.

If you fail to go to an IME, your coverage will likely be denied, and you may have to pay your medical bills out of your own pocket. In addition, your no-fault insurance company may retroactively deny your benefits and demand reimbursement for your expenses. Also, you should know what is actually involved in a car accident claim. Read the guide here.

Statute of limitations

There are some cases in which you can extend the statute of limitations for personal injury claims for car accident-related compensation.

For example, if the defendant had left the state after the accident, then the statute of limitations for pursuing a lawsuit would have expired.

Otherwise, you’d have only three years from the time of the accident to file your lawsuit. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to the rule. In Georgia, for example, the statute of limitations begins to run once you reach the age of majority.

Cost of filing a claim

The cost of filing a personal injury car accident compensation claims is determined by the level of injury that is sustained. If a person sustains a spinal disc injury, the full medical expenses will be hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Moreover, the claim may also be impacted by the cost of lost wages and physical therapy. Fortunately, there are resources available to help people who are filing personal injury car accident compensation claims.

Value of a claim

The value of your claim depends on several factors, including how severe your injuries are. Even the smallest of back aches can quickly turn into a more serious problem, requiring surgery or prolonged physical therapy.

In addition to lost income, medical expenses may include ambulance and hospital fees, physical therapy and follow-up doctor visits. Lastly, the time you spent recovering can be significant. To maximize your compensation, work with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Getting help from a lawyer

When filing a personal injury claim, you will want to know how much money you are owed after a car accident. Damages are not only physical, they can also cover emotional trauma and lost wages.

To calculate your total damages, you will need to total up all of your costs since the accident, including medical bills. You should also factor in any future expenses you may incur. In some cases, you may be eligible to receive additional compensation.

Finding a lawyer after a car accident

As a California resident, you understand the impact of traffic collisions and the need for compensation. You may be off work for a period of time and must adjust to your new injuries while covering your medical bills and rent. Talk to us about your case in Orange County.

It can be difficult to navigate through the legal system without a legal team by your side. Insurance companies are prone to low-ball offers that do more harm than good.

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