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A slip and fall injuries happen when someone falls to the ground and is hurt because of a dangerous condition on another person’s property.

Slip and falls come under the area of law called “personal injury” and the are typically handled by premises liability attorneys.

Personal injury law is a legal process that deals with the harm that people suffer due to the carelessness of another party. These types of accidents can be caused directly by a victim’s interaction with the dangerous condition or indirectly.

An example of a direct cause of a slip and fall accident is a liquid that is spilled on a floor that causes someone to lose his or her balance and be hurt.

In stores, our attention is drawn to merchandise on the shelves so our attention isn’t always on the floor where we are walking.

Other examples of direct causes include some substance or material that affects a person’s ability to walk safely. Examples include snow, ice, poorly maintained floors, cracked or uneven sidewalks, or objects left in a walkway, like a child’s toy.

An indirect cause of a slip and fall is a condition in the environment that plays a factor in someone slipping and falling.

Examples of indirect causes include poorly lit walkways, areas that have alternating areas of low light and strong light, and missing or broken handrails.

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What Are Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accident cases can be difficult to prove because it can be hard to show who was liable for the injury. Most slip and fall cases turn on whether someone acted negligently. To prove negligence on the part of the property owner, your attorney must show that the accident was caused by a dangerous condition on the property and that the property owner knew or should have known about the condition. A dangerous condition can be defined as an unreasonable risk to the visitors that they should not have foreseen. A skilled slip and fall lawyer will know how to review the evidence for these elements and put together the strongest possible case for compensation.

Slip and fall accidents can happen in many different places. The three most common places are on a commercial property, residential property, and government property.

Commercial Property: A property owner, business owner, or employee of a business may be responsible for a slip and fall accident when one of these conditions is met:

  • They created the dangerous condition that caused the victim to slip and fall.
  • They knew about the dangerous condition but didn’t do anything to fix the problem.
  • They should have known about the dangerous condition and had it fixed because a reasonable person would have found out about the dangerous condition and repaired it before someone could get hurt.

Residential Property: Sometimes a property owner or landlord has to compensate a tenant or visitor to the property when someone is hurt in an accident. For this to happen, the following conditions must be met.

  • The property owner or landlord knew or should have known about the dangerous condition.
  • The property owner or landlord could have repaired the condition
  • It was foreseeable that a serious accident would happen if the condition wasn’t repaired.
  • Because the property owner or landlord didn’t fix the condition, the victim slipped and fell.

Government Property:

  • Slip and fall accidents that happen on property owned by the government raise separate issues that a knowledgeable attorney will be able to address. Some of these issues include statutory laws, complicated rules on filing a claim, and what qualifies as a branch of government or affiliated organization.


Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Basically any factor that causes someone to lose his or her footing and fall down can be a dangerous, sometimes deadly, condition. The following is a partial list of where slip and fall accidents can happen.

  • In homes and businesses
  • Indoors and outside
  • On mechanical transporters like elevators and escalators
  • On walkways and sidewalks
  • On concrete, carpet, tile, and linoleum
  • During bad weather when rain, sleet or snow make surfaces slippery
  • When other conditions make it dangerous to walk, for example when walkways don’t have proper light, concealing a dangerous condition

When the conditions are ripe for a slip and fall accident and someone gets hurt, a range of serious injuries can occur, like:

  • Sprained ligaments
  • Strained muscles or tendons
  • Broken bones
  • Paralysis
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Other soft tissue injuries
  • Bulging discs and pinched nerves
  • Loss of life


Slip and Fall Cases

Each year, thousands of people are hurt in slip and falls across LA and throughout California.

It can be difficult for these accident victims to determine who is responsible for the accident. Sometimes, those who are hurt are totally or partially responsible for the accident.

Other times, the property owner or its employees are solely responsible. This is because the property owner has the duty to keep the property reasonably clear of dangers that could injure visitors.

Skilled slip and fall injury attorneys will see many different types of cases and can accurately assess responsibility in your slip and fall lawsuit.

One key indicator of fault is whether the property owner took proper steps to keep the property safe.

  • A landowner has to take sensible steps to make their land safe for visitors. This is weighed against the injured victim’s behavior. Did the injured person do something that, in whole or in part, caused the accident? If your case goes to trial, your attorney will have to demonstrate that the business or residential property owner knew or should have known about the existence of the dangerous condition and didn’t remove the risk, thus causing you to be hurt.
  • An example of a slip and fall case is when a liquid, like milk or juice, is spilled on a grocery store floor and a customer who is shopping at the store slips and is hurt. Key questions about this type of accident are:
      o Why was the floor wet?
    1. o Was the slickness of the floor reasonable or not?
    1. o How long had the liquid been left on the floor?
    1. o Did the shop know about the spill? Did anyone attempt to clean it up or place signs warning customers about the spill?

When your lawyer successfully handles your case, you will be awarded “damages.” This is a financial award that is intended to measure the accident’s impact on your life.

Damages in slip and fall cases vary depending on the seriousness of your injuries and include the accident’s actual financial impact as well as its non-financial effects.

Types of damages include:

  • Medical costs. This award can cover both past and future expenses like hospital visits, screenings and examinations, epidural injections, rehabilitation and physical therapy, and prescription medications.
  • Lost wages and earning capacity. You may be able to recover money that you lost out on because the accident caused you to miss work. Additionally, if the accident was so serious that you can’t return to your job or you have to change careers, you may be compensated.
  • Pain and suffering. Damages can be given for the physical pain and mental impact of the accident on you life.
  • Punitive damages. Sometimes a defendant’s behavior is so grossly outrageous a court will award damages to punish the behavior and keep other people from doing the same thing in the future.
  • Note that personal injury law is different from consumer protection law, which is meant to protect consumers from the risk of death or injury from dangerous and defective foods and products. For more information on Product Liability, please see our practice area page.


Slip and Fall Settlements in LA COunty and California

Many times, a slip and fall case won’t go to trial because the property owner will want to settle the case earlier. This is especially true when you have an experienced slip and fall attorney on your side. There are steps that you can take right after the incident that will help your accident attorney put together the most compelling case for compensation.

  • Note whether the accident happened at someone’s residence or at a business.
  • Write down the details of the accident. What caused the accident? Poor lighting? A wet floor? Bad weather conditions? An object placed on the floor that didn’t belong there?
  • Take photos of where the accident happened and try to capture images of what you think caused the accident to happen. It is important to document the cause of the accident before the property owner has a chance to fix it.
  • Inform the property owner of the accident. If you were hurt at a business, ask the owner or manager to write up an accident report and ask for a copy of this report. Make sure to share this report with your attorney.
  • Set aside the clothes you were wearing, including your shoes, so that the other side can’t place blame on these items. For instance, they could say that the soles of your shoes lacked proper tread to grip the floor.
  • Write down contact information of any witnesses as well as their impressions of the accident.
  • Get medical attention and keep records of all doctor’s visits.
  • Take photos of your injuries.

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