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When you or a loved one is in a serious accident, the skill of an experienced Anaheim personal injury attorney can be invaluable in helping you get back on your feet.

The Reeves Law Group will know whether you have a claim for compensation, will have the expertise to file the claim even when complicated court rules apply, and will be able to maximize the compensation that you are owed.

The best lawyers know the right steps to take to protect your case. One important first step is to collect evidence. Law firms with seasoned attorneys work with investigators and accident reconstruction experts who will document the accident site and determine the cause of the accident.

The Reeves Law Group understands the problems that mount in the aftermath of an accident. We have helped Anaheim residents with these cases for decades and know how to help you through California’s sometimes dense legal system.

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident or suffered a serious injury, The Reeves Law Group is here to help. We have won top results for hundreds of injured clients in Anaheim, CA, and surrounding areas. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a free case review.

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Are You in Need of a Personal Injury Attorney?

The top personal injury lawyers know that severe injuries can require expensive, long-lasting care. Someone who has suffered a serious injury, like a brain injury or spinal cord injury, may need lifelong medical treatment. Compensation is determined, in large part, on how serious the accident is, the cost of the medical treatment that you need to recover, how the accident affected you financially, and the amount of time that you will need care. Your lawyer should be able to understand these needs and pursue compensation that will cover the necessary medical help.

Winning this compensation usually requires dealing with other parties and insurance companies during settlement discussions or in court. Often, insurance companies want to settle a case early and will offer an injury victim less money than what that person needs or deserves. When this happens, the hurt person is not getting the justice that he or she deserves. The Reeves Law Group can guide your case to a fair settlement or court ruling so that you earn the most money possible.

No matter what the specifics of your case, remember: you may be able to recover for the damage done and the future damage that results from your injury. The Reeves Law Group is here to advocate on your behalf, deal with insurance companies, and take care of the legal details so you can focus on your recovery.

What Is a “Personal Injury”?

You may be familiar with the term “personal injury” from television, but may not know exactly what that encompasses. Personal injury is any physical harm (and in some cases, the ensuing emotional turmoil associated with the pain and suffering from the injury) caused by an accident due to another’s negligence. The Reeves Law Group can help you recover for:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents: In 2011, the California Highway patrol reported over 1,900 traffic accidents in Anaheim and over 13,000 accidents in Orange County. Driving a motor vehicle in California is one of the most dangerous day-to-day activities you participate in. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death and injury for Americans between the ages of 1-33.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: A slip and fall injury occurs when somebody falls to the ground and is injured due to dangerous condition on another person’s property. Slip and fall accidents come under the area of law called “personal injury.”
  • Wrongful Death: When the death of a loved one impacts his or her family, the family may be able to recover for that impact. In 2012, Orange County reported over a thousand deaths caused by unintentional injuries.
  • Dog Bites: Dog bites cost Californians significant amounts of money and time. Nearly everyone seems to have a pet, and that may be the reason that dog bites resulted in half a billion dollars in insurance claims in the United States in 2012.

This is just a small list of the types of injuries for which damages may be available to the person who is hurt. If you are currently injured or you face an injury in the future, it is important that you protect your rights. Recovery for damages is not something that is merely a gift or a handout; recovery is what is owed to you by law. When the time comes to recover for your injury, it is important to have a reliable and experienced lawyer to represent you.

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We Can Help with Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and falls are one of the most common accidents that can cause real hurt to people. If you have slipped or tripped and fallen down at someone’s home or business or out in public, you should consult a slip and fall attorney.

Thousands of Anaheim residents and visitors are hurt each year when they slip on wet floors, stumble down poorly constructed stairs, or trip on rough sidewalk. Slip and fall accidents hospitalized 8,251 people in Orange County in 2013. 130 people died in slip and fall accidents. Though people often place blame on the person who slipped, many times the accident is the fault of the property owner or manager. If you or a family member is hurt in a slip and fall, contact a skilled slip and fall lawyer right away. The attorney will collect evidence that could disappear when the accident site is cleaned up and can help you receive compensation for your injuries.

Has a Family Member Suffered a Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries affect more than 1 million people in the U.S. every year. In 2013, 1,819 people were hospitalized with brain injuries in Orange County. Brain injuries can be very difficult to properly diagnose because trauma to the head isn’t always visible and the damage to the brain may be misunderstood by doctors and nurses. A person can suffer a brain injury by slipping in the shower or by falling off a bike just as easily as by being in a high speed car accident.

If you or a family member has been in an accident that could have caused a brain injury, it is imperative that you see a doctor immediately. A quick diagnosis and the right care are two of the best ways to prevent further brain damage and give the best chance for a full recovery. You should also talk to a brain injury attorney right away. Experienced brain injury lawyers can ensure that you receive vital care while working to get you compensated for the accident.

Have you Suffered a Spinal Injury?

You should contact a spinal injury lawyer without delay if an accident causes harm to your spine or that of a loved one. A spinal cord injury occurs when the nerves that are housed in the spinal column are damaged. This is one of the most serious injuries that someone can suffer because it can permanently limit a person’s mobility. A spinal cord injury can leave someone without use of their lower body (paraplegia) or without use of all four limbs (quadriplegia). Orange County had 87 people hospitalized with spinal cord injuries in 2013. Common causes of spinal cord injuries are car crashes and slip and fall accidents.

Looking for a Car Accident Lawyer in Anaheim?

Traffic accidents happen with incredible regularity in Anaheim because of the number of cars on the freeways and roads at any given time. Although most vehicle crashes aren’t serious, the damage to the parties’ cars can cost thousands of dollars in mechanic’s bills. Doctor’s visits for even minor injuries can cost quite a bit. If the crash is serious, then medical bills can be extremely expensive. If you are involved in a vehicle accident, you should speak to an Anaheim car accident lawyer who can help you recover from the crash.

Driving today can be dangerous not just because of the high number of vehicles on the streets. Today’s drivers have constant distractions that take their eyes off of the road. Modern vehicles often come equipped with entertainment systems like DVD players and satellite radio. Drivers might text, talk on the phone, or eat while driving. Unfortunately, many drivers get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, which impairs their ability to properly handle their car.

When someone takes the wheel, they have a responsibility to make wise decisions and look out for other drivers and pedestrians. When people make decisions that result in accidents, the driver who caused the crash is responsible for the damages that other parties suffer. If you have been hurt in a car crash, your Anaheim car accident attorney may seek compensation for the following damages.

  • Medical Expenses. After an auto accident, you should see a doctor immediately. The doctor will evaluate you and treat you so that you can recover as quickly as possible. This treatment can be very expensive. Your lawyer may be able to recover the costs of this medical help as well as any future expenses you will have as a result of the crash.
  • Lost Income. While you are in the hospital or in your home recovering from the accident, you might be unable to work. This time away could result in you losing important income that you and your family need. Your Anaheim car accident lawyer will calculate how the crash has limited your ability to earn income. This can include your future ability to rejoin the work force and whether you will be able to return to your exact job or have to be retrained in a different field.
  • Pain and Suffering. When you are hurt in a car crash, you might be owed compensation for the serious physical and mental pain stemming from your injuries. Physical pain can mean both the current pain that you are feeling and the lasting effects of the accident on your body. Mental pain means how the accident negatively affects your emotions. Accident victims regularly feel fear, humiliation, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Like physical pain, compensation for mental pain can include your future mental state.

How Common Are Traffic Accidents in Anaheim?

Car accidents happen every day at all times of the day. There were 13,541 vehicle accidents in Orange County in 2011. In October of 2014, the Los Angeles Times reported that one family lost their 9 year old when a suspected drunk driver ran into their family vehicle. Note that Anaheim is located next to Westminster which is also known for a high prevalence of accidents. If you are involved in a traffic accident you should get medical help immediately. Call 911 to the scene, if necessary. Also, take photos of the accident site with a camera or cell phone. Then contact The Reeves Law Group. We will review your photos and collect other evidence to determine who caused the accident and whether you should be compensated for your losses.

Have You Been in a Traffic Accident Involving a Truck?

Accidents that involve large commercial trucks can be very dangerous because of the size and weight of the trucks. Commercial trucks known as “tractor-trailers,” “semi-trucks,” or “big rigs” can cause accidents when the truck drivers are overworked and fatigued, when the trucks are overloaded, when driver error causes the vehicle to jack-knife, or if the driver uses illegal substances, impairing their judgment. The U.S. Department of Transportation has noted that 98% of commercial truck accidents cause fatalities. If you or your family members are involved in a truck accident, you should retain a truck accident lawyer with a winning history in similar cases.

Have You Been in a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcyclists face special hazards on the road because of the nature of motorcycle riding. Motorcycles are not as visible as other vehicles, they require special skills and alertness to drive, motorcycles don’t have the same safety features as other vehicles, like seatbelts and airbags, and a bike’s two wheels, instead of four, make it more susceptible to accidents on wet or uneven road. In spite of these extra challenges, drivers in four-wheel vehicles owe motorcyclists the same level of care that is owed to other drivers. If another vehicle has caused you to be hurt in an accident, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries and damage to your bike.

Other Accidents and Injuries

Have You Suffered a Work Injury?

If you have been hurt on the job, you need the help of a work injury attorney. Workplace accidents happen with regularity in Anaheim. This is because of the quantity of work happening in the city. The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce called Anaheim the hub of economic activity in Orange County. Disneyland alone employs over 21,000.

95 people lost their lives while working in the Los Angeles-Orange County metro area in 2012. A work injury lawyer can help ensure that you file your workers’ compensation claim quickly and correctly, that you get medical care so that you recover to the fullest extent possible, and can determine whether you should pursue any third party claims.

Negligence: It May Not Be Your Fault

Personal injury cases usually fall under the scope of negligence. There are four elements to negligence: duty, breach of that duty, causation, and damages. In general, we all owe a duty of care to one another. This means that we must use reasonable care to protect one another from harm. If another person fails to use reasonable care to protect you from harm, they may be liable for the damages and injuries that are caused as a result of their actions.

Contact Us if You Need Legal Guidance with Your Personal Injury Case

The Reeves Law Group appreciate the pain and suffering that your injuries have caused you. We understand the relevant laws, we know how to navigate the California court system, and we know how to get you what you deserve.

When an accident happens, it is important that you seek medical attention for your injuries. Other than ensuring that you receive the treatment you need, not seeking the necessary medical attention may even impair your recovery of damages. Do not talk with any insurance companies about settlement offers until you have contacted your attorney.

You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact The Reeves Law Group at (714) 550-6000 and speak with our Anaheim personal injury lawyer who was featured in Newsweek’s “10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys” or contact us via our Quick Response page. We have recovered over $250,000,000 for our injured clients.

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[Written by Derek Pakiz. Article updated on 2022-11-28]