What Would Saul Goodman Do? Season Two (Hopeful) Predictions

This month we introduced our first TV Lawyer personality Saul Goodman/James McGill, a shady lawyer with an impressive track record of creating “strategies” to get his clients off the hook.

This week we are introducing a piece titled “What Would Saul Do” that takes different legal scenarios and puts a Saul spin on how he would solve them through his, lets say, less than conventional tactics. Which ones do you think will play out in Season 2 of Better Call Saul?

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After all, Season 2 is already guaranteed by AMC, and creator Vince Gilligan hinted that James will have some good times in Season 2, so we’re pretty excited to witness Jimmy McGill have some success before turning into the Saul Goodman we knew from Breaking Bad.

Without any further ado, let’s see Saul’s own perversion of the law:

What Would Saul Goodman Do?!

Assault Charges:

An elbow can be a lethal weapon, one that you have no control over. So someone’s face got in the way of your elbow, that’s not your fault. If anything, you have a case against the person that invaded your space.  Your space bubble is like property with a “No Trespassing Sign”.  If your elbow happens to move in the direction of a person in your personal space, that is just self-defense right there.

Illegal Firearms:

Illegal firearms charge? You had no idea that you bought your house from a member of the Mexican drug cartel.  You were offered a home for an affordable price and you thought it was out of the kindness of his heart.  You know…pay it forward? The real crime is that you trust the goodness of humanity. A lesson you have now learned.


The Fast Food Industry is to blame. Those colorful banners, cheap dollar menu prices, MSG packed foods, convenient drive thru service, not to mention being packed up in pretty little packaging. It is like picking up a delicious, wrapped birthday present, every day. Presents and MSG are a bad combination; a combination that led to the demise of your physique. The industry should pay!


Up against fraud charges. No problem! How were you to know that your “trusted” accountant could not be trusted? It is a simple case of trusting someone you shouldn’t have, which people do in marriages every day.

Murder Charges:

Up for murder?  Death by natural causes is the most common way people die.  Statistics doesn’t lie.  Just because the person died while you were there, does not mean you had any part in it.  People die all the time.  If we wanted to blame someone it would the person that died.  Death is sad.  We shouldn’t have to be subjected to the emotional distress that we experience when someone dies.  You tell me, who is the real criminal here?  Not the survivor.

Domestic Violence:

If you had a bug, likely very poisonous bug, dangling right in front of you, what are you going to do? So, you swat at it and accidentally hit a person, who is the victim here? The person that accidentally got hurt or the person that could very well have died if the potentially poisonous bug bit them?

Drug Possession:

Drug possession charges?  Out of the kindness of your heart, you went out to pick up a prescription for a sick friend. Is being a good friend a crime?  Not last time I checked. If so, the world would be a cold and lonely place. Not a place I would want to live.


Theft charges? Your friend called and told you that you could have these things if you would come by and pick them up.  You had never been to this friend’s house before and walked in the wrong one. The whole episode was terribly traumatic and you should really consider suing for emotional distress.

better call saul infographic season 2 james mcgill

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3 comments on “What Would Saul Goodman Do? Season Two (Hopeful) Predictions

  1. Avatar for Robert R blogadmin
    Alex Guillén on

    Leave it to Saul Goodman to come up with creative solutions for
    keeping his clients out of the big house. Pretty funny read!

  2. Avatar for Robert R blogadmin
    Chris Koszo on

    I think he’s gonna actually win a big case in court in Season 2. I mean he’s a lawyer but we haven’t even seen him win or even settle a good case yet..

  3. Avatar for Robert R blogadmin
    Ann Abbitz on

    I laughed out loud when I read the ‘Saul Response’ to murder: “Just because the person died while you were there, does not mean you had any part in it. People die all the time.” That is priceless.
    In season 2, I agree with Chris Koszo… I’d like to see a big victory in there somewhere for Jimmy, but I think it’s more likely that he’s going to keep pushing buttons with his big brother & his former employer, and that will result in him being ordered to STOP using his real name ‘McGill’… Thus, Saul Goodman will be born!


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