Information on Construction Accidents

man working at construction got injured

A construction accident can have catastrophic consequences for the construction workers and their families. Most of these accidents are preventable and may have been prevented with the proper safety measures.

Injuries can occur from falls from scaffolding, ladders, roofs, or chimneys. The severity of the injuries depends on the location of the fall and the circumstances surrounding it. In some cases, safety equipment can minimize the damage, but in others, safety nets and other barriers can be absent or ineffective.

Construction accidents can be prevented by adhering to OSHA regulations. Violations of these regulations should be reported to local OSHA offices.

Injured workers may also file a workers’ compensation claim or third-party lawsuit for compensatory damages. In some cases, the injured or deceased worker can seek workers’ compensation benefits.

Other common accidents in the construction industry include back-overs, where workers become trapped between objects and collapse.

These accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries such as back injuries. The use of high-visibility clothing can prevent workers from becoming trapped between objects. In addition, trenches can be dangerous without protective systems or a safe escape route.

Fires and explosions on construction sites can occur due to unsafe working conditions. These accidents may result from chemical leaks, equipment malfunctions, or the improper handling of flammable materials.

These incidents can cause serious injuries, including first and second-degree burns. In some cases, explosions can cause fatalities.

Accidents can also result from overexertion or heat stroke. Construction workers may also be struck by passing vehicles, which may not be able to avoid the accident.

After an accident, injured workers must immediately notify their employer. This notice may be given verbally, but workers must make sure they give detailed details.

Failure to do so can delay a workers’ compensation claim. In addition, it is important to contact any witnesses to the accident.

A construction accident attorney can also help manage the expenses of injured workers. Taking legal action will help ensure that the injured workers receive the compensation they deserve. While an attorney can be expensive, it will help level the playing field and help them maximize their compensation.

Construction accidents can result in death or disfigurement. The most common cause of construction-related fatalities is falls. Elevators sometimes play a role in this, especially elevators and hoists without doors.

Falls can occur due to faulty installation or use of scaffolding. Another leading cause of injury is electrocutions. Electrocutions can occur from contact with electrical systems, unprotected sides of a scaffold, or from falling objects.

An employer is responsible for keeping the construction site safe. They should ensure that workers wear protective gear and are properly trained.

Failure to do so may lead to a construction accident lawsuit. Occupational safety equipment should be inspected before work begins.

Workers should also be trained on how to use heavy machinery safely. Insufficient supervision can also cause an accident.

Injuries caused by construction accidents can be extremely severe. According to the National Safety Council, nearly one quarter of construction workers have suffered a work-related injury.

In 2016, construction-related deaths made up 18% of all fatal accidents in the workplace. Falling from heights was the most common accident among construction workers and caused almost 35% of all construction-related injuries.

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