Do Insurance Companies Hire Private Investigators for Personal Injury Cases?

Question: Will the other side’s insurance company send an investigator out to spy on me if I was involved in a car accident?

Answer:  Insurers can and sometimes do conduct surveillance on an injured claimant, particularly when the injuries are serious and therefore “high value.”

After all, the insurance company wants to avoid paying out benefits under the insurance policy by showing that you are not actually as injured as you claim.

You should always assume that the insurer will go through all of your social media posts, and perhaps even those of your family and friends, looking for anything indicating the seriousness of your injuries and comments about your accident or case. Such electronic spying can be conducted quickly and inexpensively. For that reason, you may want to limit your social media activity during your case.

If your damages claim is significant enough, insurance companies might have an investigator secretly follow and film you for days, or even weeks, with the hope of getting even a short video of you doing something like carrying groceries, taking out the trash, or playing sports – activities suggesting that your injuries and limitations don’t appear as obvious or serious as you claim.

If your damages claim is really high, the insurer might even authorize its investigator to speak to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, relatives for information about your health condition and activities.

Your doctor’s instructions as to what you should and should not be doing are your best guideline in regulating your activities. It’s also never a bad idea to consult with your attorney if you’re not sure about whether to engage in an activity.

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