In The New Year, Pledge to Quit Doing These 5 Things While Driving

Things not to do while driving

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Last year we published a graphic describing the most common ways that the attention of drivers is removed from their primary task; safe driving.

As we move into 2014, we want to urge drivers to pledge to quit becoming distracted while behind the wheel. We believe that if everyone would pledge to stop doing the following 5 things while driving, the roads would much safer for everyone. Pledge below and you’ll be entered to win a $25 gas card!

1. Using a Cell Phone

It’s a worn out topic by now, but the stories of people getting into car accidents as a result of using a cell phone continue to roll in. Cell phone use is among the most distracting behaviors for a driver to engage in, as it causes all 3 forms of distraction: Manual, Visual, and Cognitive. Companies that produce aftermarket cell phone accessories are still slow to acknowledge this regardless of the possibility of lawsuits, however some are now showing their products only being used when a driver is stopped and not driving.

2. Reaching for an Object

Often, drivers will reach for an object in their vehicle, such as a drink which is about to spill or a toy that their child dropped. This is clearly a distraction as it causes the driver to remove their hands from the wheel. Remember, there is nothing that can spill in your car that will end in a bigger disaster than crashing the car. If you must get objects within your car situated, pull over at a safe place before attempting to do so.

3. Looking at Something Outside of the Vehicle

There are a lot of really cool things to look at while driving, particularly in scenic states like California. However, even a glace in the direction somewhere other than the road can cause an accident. It’s not easy, but it is crucial that drivers be disciplined enough to keep their eyes on the road while driving.

4. Applying Makeup

We’ve all seen it. We’re driving down the highway when we look at the driver next to us only to find that she is treating the driver’s seat like a dressing room. Like cell phone us, applying makeup is among the worst types of driving distractions because it causes all 3 forms of distraction. Leave yourself a little more time in the morning to get your face on; it simply isn’t worth causing an accident over.

5. Reading

There really isn’t much to say about this one. Unless you aren’t human, there is no possible way that you can drive safely while reading. If it can’t wait, pull over. Other wise, please save the reading for when you have arrived safely at your destination!

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