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Have you been the victim of funeral home negligence? Contact a California funeral home negligence attorney at The Reeves Law Group for a free consultation. The Reeves Law Group has successfully represented thousands of accident victims and obtained exceptional results in a wide variety of serious and castrophic injury cases.

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California Funeral Home Negligence Lawyers

Funerals are somber occasions no matter the circumstances. Family members often feel overwhelmed and rely on the advice of funeral homes to get through the difficult process of laying their loved one to rest. The family members of the deceased should be able to rely on such advice to cope with their loss. Instead, some families are left with horrific memories to scar an already emotional experience. A California funeral home negligence lawyer can hold the home accountable and recover compensation for your pain and suffering.

The Federal Trade Commission has recognized the unfair advantage that parlors often have over family members. In an effort to curb misconduct, the Commission has issued various guidelines. Nevertheless, negligence and gross misconduct continues to shock and damage families in their most trying times, and their numbers have been on the rise in recent years.

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What Should You Do If You Suspect Funeral Home Negligence?

Your loved ones have no voice and therefore it is up to you to speak on their behalf and protect them as best as you can. Time is of the essence in these cases, particularly because evidence can be lost or destroyed. If you suspect misconduct by the establishment you should consult a capable funeral home negligence attorney regarding the facts of your case. You should also:

  • Create A Log: Prepare an ongoing list of all conversations with funeral home personnel. Include the names of the individuals with whom you have spoken, and details of your conversations. If other family members have participated in meetings with you or have relevant information, ask them to write all the details they can recall.

  • Save All Documents: Keep all documents that you or your family have signed, or which have been provided to you by the parlor.

  • Don’t delay!: Act quickly. Contact a skilled and experienced funeral home negligence lawyer right away.

What Kind Of Compensation Can You Recover?

There are two main types of personal injury damages: 1) compensatory (or actual damages), and 2) punitive damages.

  1. Compensatory or actual damages. These damages are intended to cover all the expenses of your aliments, including psychological and personal injuries caused by the facility’s misconduct. Damage awards can include the following:

    • Pain and suffering. This is an award to compensate an aggrieved individual for past and future physical pain caused by the incident. Pain and suffering also includes mental anguish, which applies to mental suffering or emotional distress.

    • Economic Damages. These damages are for past, present and future expenses incurred, such as medical and psychiatric care, lost earnings, and impairment of earning capacity.

  2. Punitive damages. These damages may be awarded to a victim in addition to actual damages when the defendant’s conduct has been especially malicious or egregious. Punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant for his or her reprehensible conduct and to act as a deterrent to prevent the funeral home and others from acting the same way.

Cases involving negligent conduct by funeral parlors include:

  • Negligent handling of a corpse
  • Lost bodies
  • Lost ashes
  • Ashes being sent to the wrong family
  • Theft of body parts
  • Multiple bodies placed in one coffin
  • Sexual abuse of the deceased
  • Pre-need contract sales abuse
  • Cremation of the wrong body
  • Improper storage of bodies
  • Improper embalming

Choosing the Right Funeral Home Negligence Attorney

Some of the best results in these cases are obtained by attorneys with long records of exceptional results in cases where the clients have suffered substantial emotional and/or physical damages. Make sure also that the attorney you choose has the monetary resources to conduct investigations, hire experts, and finance the litigation and trial expenses that may be needed in your case.

At The Reeves Law Group, our personal injury attorneys are prepared to represent survivors of funeral home negligence cases. These negligence cases can require a great deal of investigation, cost and effort to ascertain the facts and bring the case to a successful conclusion. Our attorneys have handled thousands of cases successfully involving physical damage and/or mental anguish. Getting these results require diligence, financial resources and expertise.

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We welcome the opportunity to put our 25 years of experience to work for you. Please contact one of our California funeral home negligence lawyers for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. There are no up-front costs and no attorney’s fees unless we win financial compensation for you. Our law firm will not charge a fee for our services unless we win your case and obtain a recovery.

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