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Riverside Personal Injury Attorneys

An injury sustained in an accident can be even more expensive than it first appears, resulting in costly medical bills today and in the future. A skilled Riverside personal injury lawyer will be able to help you get all of the compensation you are due.

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What is Personal Injury?


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Are My Injuries Someone Else’s Fault?

Personal injury law is a branch of civil law known as “tort law.” In tort law, if someone causes your injury, then they are legally liable.

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  • Negligence: Negligence is a word that has a common, everyday meaning as well as a special legal definition. Normally, negligence just means carelessness. The legal definition is different. Negligence means a violation of a duty to take reasonable care. In the United States, everyone has a duty of reasonable care towards other people. That duty varies based on the situation and the parties.

    For example, a doctor owes a higher duty to a patient on his operating table than to another doctor’s patient in the waiting room. However, the doctor does owe that waiting patient a duty of reasonable care. If the doctor negligently set the hospital on fire, that would be considered a violation of the doctor’s duty of reasonable care to everyone in that hospital. But, he has to take special precautions to keep his patient safe.

  • Intentional torts: It makes sense that if someone can be liable for accidentally injuring you, then they can be liable if they injure you on purpose. If someone assaults you, purposefully damages your property, or kills a loved one on purpose, then you have a claim against them for compensation. Contact a Riverside personal injury lawyer if this happens to you or a loved one.

  • Strict liability: In California, there are some injuries that are always a certain person’s fault, no matter how careful they were in trying to prevent that accident. If these injuries happen, someone is strictly liable. For example, if a dog bites someone, then the owner is strictly liable, even if the dog was properly restrained.

In order to prove that you are owed compensation, you have to prove the following four elements:

  • The defendant had a duty of reasonable care;
  • The defendant breached that duty of reasonable care;
  • That breach caused you an injury; and,
  • Your injury caused you some kind of loss, otherwise known as “damages.”

In California, you can get compensation for your injuries even if you are partially at fault for your injury. If someone else is partially at fault, then you can get partial compensation. There are a lot of nuances to personal injury law, which is why it is vital to have an experienced and skilled personal injury lawyer on your side if you suffer an accidental injury.

What Exactly Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is a branch of “tort law” which is a kind of civil law. Civil law is law that is not criminal. For example, someone who is arrested for tax evasion or vandalizing a building goes to criminal court. Non-criminal matters are dealt with in civil court. Tort law is the part of civil law that allows citizens to address their problems with other citizens or companies in court. This way, citizens can be compensated for their injuries with the force of the law behind them. “Injuries” does not just mean physical injuries. It can also mean:

  • Diminished quality of life
  • Property damage
  • Emotional suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of earning potential

Accidents That Are Covered by Personal Injury Law

If you are injured in an accident and it is someone else’s fault, it is likely covered by personal injury law. Your Riverside personal injury attorney will know for sure if the accident you were in is something you can be compensated for. Some examples of accidents that are covered include:

What to Do After You Are Injured

If you are injured, there are a lot of steps that need to be taken. Some are immediate and some will happen days, weeks, or even months after you are hurt.

  • Get medical attention right away: Your health is your best asset. Always seek immediate medical attention, even if you feel like your injury is minor. You cannot know the severity of your injury. Additionally, it is important that you have documentation of the harm caused by the accident.

  • Gather evidence from the scene of your injury: If possible, take down the information of witnesses, license plate numbers, important details, etc. You can also call nearby businesses or the city to see if they have surveillance cameras in the area where your accident happened.

  • Do not talk to an insurance company without an attorney: The insurance company’s job is to pay you off as cheaply as possible. A personal injury lawyer will not let them get away with that.

  • Contact an attorney as soon as possible: An experienced accident lawyer will know exactly how to get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Riverside Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured, contact The Reeves Law Group today by calling (951) 324-5174 or by sending us an email. We have over 25 years of experience helping accident victims recover compensation. Let us help you.

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