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Client Testimonials

derrik-dog-bite-testimonialDerrick: dog bite
amie-wrongful-death-testimonialAmie: wrongful death case
kenny-multiple-trauma-testimonialKenny: multiple trauma
michael-worksite-accident-testimonialMichael: worksite accident
clifton-truck-accident-testimonialClifton: truck accident
ashley-slip-fall-testimonialAshley: slip and fall
kalieha-premises-accident-testimonialKalieha: premises accident
jason-motorcycle-accident-testimonialJason: motorcycle accident
gary-back-surgery-testimonialGary: back surgery
jesus-forklift-accident-testimonialJesus: forklift accident
glenda-dog-bite-testimonialGlenda: dog bite
jamie-wrongful-death-testimonialJamie: wrongful death case
kristin-amusement-park-accident-testimonialKristin: amusement park accident
skip-neurological-injurySkip: neurological injury
ron-spinal-surgery-testimonialRon: spinal surgery
brenda-defective-product-testimonialBrenda: defective product
jerry-amputation-accident-testimonialJerry: amputation accident
brad-back-surgery-testimonialBrad: back surgery
amber-pedestrian-accident-testimonialAmber: pedestrian accident
james-auto-accident-testimonialJames: auto accident
trinka-fracture-surgery-testimonialTrinka: fracture / surgery
mark-motorcycle-accident-testimonialMark: motorcycle accident
pilar-auto-accident-testimonialPilar: auto accident
elliott-auto-accident-testimonialElliot: auto accident
jeremy-dog-bite-testimonialJeremy: dog bite
camilla-surgeries-hardware-testimonialCamilla: surgeries / hardware


The Reeves Law Group client testimonials:

“I am very happy with $981,932.68 The Reeves Law Group obtained for me for injuries I suffered in an automobile accident. The legal representation provided by the Reeves staff was excellent, and I would not hesitate to use their professional services again, or refer my family and friends to them.”
G.D., Santa Paula.

“I would recommend The Reeves Law Group to my family and friends for attorney representation of any bodily injury claims they might have…”
C.O., Los Angeles.

“The Reeves law firm did an excellent job in settling my claim. I received generous compensation for my injuries, and all of my medical expenses were paid.”
D.H., Rialto.

“Thank you Mr. Reeves and staff for the quality legal representation and the results you obtained in my personal injury damages case. I am grateful for your professional and diligent work ethic.”
J.U., Sylmar.

“I received from The Reeves Law Group very caring and attentive service during a significant ordeal in my life.”
L.V, Santa Ana.

“I cannot thank The Reeves Law Group enough. The attorneys and support staff were caring, attentive and diligent at every step of the way and produced an outstanding result in the case.”
M.N., Garden Grove.

“I found The Reeves Law Group to be compassionate for my needs and tenacious against the insurance company representatives, while working to achieve an outstanding settlement result.”
F.H., Sherman Oaks.

“The Reeves Law Group is thorough, diligent and determined. It was willing to use all of its resources – attorneys, secretaries, legal assistants, paralegals, investigators, experts – to obtain the best possible result for my injury claim.”
S.K., La Verne.

“I thought The Reeves Law Group pre-litigation and litigation staffs were courteous and diligent in their communications with me, including returned telephone calls.”
C.G., Pico Rivera.

“It was obvious to me that The Reeves Law Group staff worked very hard against the negligent parties who were the cause of my damages, and they brought the case to conclusion within a very reasonable amount of time for top value.”
E.Y., Placentia.

“I suffered significant, painful injuries as a result of an automobile accident. The Reeves Law Group staff members were always courteous and attentive. The attorneys took the time to explain all aspects of my case in detail, and I could not have been more pleased with the monetary compensation that I received.”
H.S., Lake Havasu.

“The Reeves Law Group ultimately negotiated an excellent monetary settlement for my bodily injury damages claim, and its legal staff helped make a stressful claim experience tolerable along the way.”
J.U., Sylmar.

“I was injured in an automobile accident and retained an attorney who rarely took the initiative to communicate with me or return my calls regarding the status of my case. I changed attorneys and am glad I did. The Reeves Law Group was courteous, skillful and professional in its representation in my case.”
T.M., Laguna Beach.

“Dear Robert B. Reeves and Staff: Thank you! Your experience and knowledge with the insurance company claim adjusters and lawyers enabled me to approach my medical treatment and injury recovery without worry about how my legal case was progressing. Thank you for an excellent result!”
R.F., Malibu.

“Mr. Reeves: Your firm’s determination, tenacity and diligence resulted in a good net monetary recovery for my injuries, medical bills and pain and suffering. Thank you!”
M.Z., Upland.

“Great job – great damages recovery! Thank you Mr. Reeves and staff for quality legal representation and results in my personal injury case.”
M.I., Perris.

“We came to you from another law firm that didn’t help. Your offices made us feel like we were your only clients. Thank you so much for the terrific service!”
R.L. and E.L., Huntington Beach.

“Attorney Pakiz of your office is excellent and knowledgeable, and we are glad he was on OUR SIDE! We would recommend your law firm to everyone who needs legal service.”
Mr. and Mrs. E. Y., Placentia.

“Thank you for all of your help, and if I know of anyone to refer, your office would definitely be the first. Thanks for all the hard work.”
L.V., Santa Ana.

“Great job on the whole process. It was a fast process, and there was always someone for me to talk to.”
D. H., Rialto.

“I would refer The Reeves Law Group to friends and family.”
J.K., San Diego.

“Thank you for everything you did for me and my wife. We love you. God bless you!
E.S, Bucharest, Romania.

“I was very pleased with the whole process, and I would refer anyone I know to this office.”
M.Z., Upland.

“I have never been involved in a lawsuit before this accident. I especially appreciated all of the help from attorney Daniel Ojeda of your office in answering my questions and reaching a reasonable conclusion for all.”
J.U., Sylmar.

“I appreciate the level of excellence and compassion put forth in my case. The Reeves Law Group made what was stressful in the beginning a non-stressful case in the end. Thank you!”
J.H., Riverside.

“My daughter had an injury accident claim, and I have already referred her to your law firm.”
S.K., La Verne.

“I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who may need any legal representation. The office staff was very helpful. Thanks.”
R.F., Malibu.

“I was very happy with my attorney, Jim Dowling of your office. I would recommend The Reeves Law Group to anyone.”
S.B., Chino.

“I received great service and am very happy with the way your firm handled my case.”
J.F., Orange.

“I will always recommend The Reeves Law Group to everyone, once again. Thank you very, very much!!!”
A.S., Los Angeles.

“Thank you for all your legal help in this case.”
M.R., Nuevo.

“I have finally found a law firm I can trust! I sincerely appreciate the professional commitment and effort put forth by your staff to provide me with an excellent monetary recovery for my injuries. Thank you.”
C.W., Los Angeles.

“Your firm followed a steady approach to my personal injury case. You have a large, professional staff that came through for me in all respects.”
A.W., Riverside.

“Dear Mr. Reeves: Your representation and guidance during the pendency of my injury case are very much appreciated. You encouraged and allowed me to concentrate on my medical treatment to obtain the best recovery possible for my injuries, while you took care of the legal side of the case. Thanks again.”
A.C., Santa Ana.

“Experienced legal representation. Excellent result. I am very appreciative. Thank you!”
J.S., Glendale.

“I hope I never have another automobile accident again. However, if I do, I would not hesitate to call you to be my lawyer again! Thank you for not leaving me with the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability in my time of need.”
H.W., Riverside.

“Thanks for settling my case without having to go to trial! You were very knowledgeable with the investigation, injury, medical treatment and negotiation phases of my case. I’m pleased with your firm.”
J.F., Orange.

“I would not have known what to do with the insurance company claim adjusters to make sure that I received a maximum recovery for my accident injuries. I felt confident with The Reeves Law Group’s aggressive representation of my damages claim and am very happy with the results.”
M.R., Nuevo.

“I was very happy with attorney Pakiz of your office, who worked very diligently and was very courteous with me. I would not hesitate to call on or recommend your office in the future.”
T.M., Laguna Beach.