Common mistakes after a car accident or injury

All too often, people realize they’ve made a mistake only after it’s been made, sometimes with devastating health or legal consequences.
In order to help you avoid them, here are 10 common mistakes that people make after being injured in a car accident:

  1. Not calling the police after an accident in which you have been injured.
  2. Admitting fault after the accident, even by simply saying, “I’m sorry.”
  3. Not taking any photos of the accident scene, including the other driver’s car.
  4. Talking to the opposing party’s insurance company. The insurance company will record the call and try to use any information against you. 
  5. Not going to the doctor or the hospital right away and not following your doctor’s instructions.
  6. Trying to do too much too soon after an injury or even downplaying your injuries.
  7. Hiring a lawyer who’s not a true specialist in personal injury.
  8. Failing to tell your lawyer about important changes in your health, work, or life.
  9. Failing to tell your  lawyer about past injuries or past lawsuits you’ve had.
  10. Talking about the case with people other than your lawyer or posting details of your case or your injuries on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

Avoiding these mistakes will maximize your chances for recovery, both from your injuries as well as from the wrongdoer and their insurance company.

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