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The Reeves Law Group Serving Placentia, CA

Placentia City is located in the northern corner of Orange County, California, with 51,274 residents based on the 2021 census. It is next to the city of Brea. It was initially a land grant to Juan Ontiveros in 1837 and began to attract settlers by 1865. The land was suitable for growing citrus fruits, avocados, and grapes. Later, it became the center of the Valencia Orange Growing and Packing company. Around 500 residents moved to incorporate the city in 1926. 

Placentia is also home to several parks and recreation facilities. Among them are: 

  • Tri-City Park – a 40-acre park that offers hiking trails, fishing lakes, picnic areas, playgrounds, and birdwatching spots
  • The Bradford House – one of the pioneer houses in Placentia that offers visitors a glimpse of how they lived in the early 1900s
  • Historic George Key Ranch – a 2.2-acre beautifully landscaped historic site featuring the George Key home built in 1898
  • Placentia Certified Farmer’s Market – open once a week, this is a source of fresh and organic produce from the residents of Placentia
  • El Farolito Mexican Restaurant – a famous Mexican restaurant serving authentic Mexican cuisine for over 50 years

Accidents And Safety In Placentia

Placentia is safer than 48% of US cities with a crime rate almost the same as the national average. However, in terms of fatal traffic accidents, it is one of the lowest. The traffic situation in Placentia is better than in other parts of California. The commute times are shorter, and the roads are less congested.

  • Only three vehicles were involved in a fatal accident in 2017, with only two casualties
  • There are very few accidents involving drunk driving. From 2014-2016, only one incident of drunk driving was recorded, and in 2017, there was none
  • Pedestrians are seldom involved in accidents. From 2014-2017, there were only six pedestrian accidents
  • In 2014, a 16-year-old boy died from a single-car crash on Placentia Avenue while his companion suffered multiple injuries
  • The majority of accidents occur during the daytime

Laws And Regulations In Placentia

The city of Placentia adheres to many federal and state legal systems, as well as local municipal codes, to ensure the safety of its residents. There are rules regarding speed limits that drivers must obey to avoid accidents. If a driver is involved in an accident, they must follow specific procedures to ensure that everyone is safe and that the situation is resolved fairly. 

One example is Municipal Code 13.20.040, which is about clinging to moving vehicles. The law states, “Any person riding upon any bicycle, motorcycle, coaster, roller skates or any toy vehicle shall not attach the same or himself to any moving vehicle upon any roadway.” But what happens if you accidentally got caught by a moving vehicle and dragged on, resulting in physical injuries?

The Placentia Police Department is responsible for investigating accidents and enforcing the law, and they take these duties very seriously. Additionally, if you are involved in an accident, it is crucial to seek experienced legal counsel to ensure that your rights are protected. The Reeves Law Group has extensive experience handling city-specific accidents and can help you navigate the complex legal landscape. 

Major Roads And Highways In Placentia

The major roads and highways in Placentia are:

State Route 57 – Orange Freeway

Placentia Avenue

Kraemer Blvd

Rose Drive

Yorba Linda Blvd

Chapman Avenue

Bastanchury Road

Important Resources For Those Injured In An Accident In Placentia

If you’ve been in an accident, it is important to seek professional help to ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your rights. Seek medical help if needed and file a claim with your insurance provider. Cooperate with the legal authorities during the investigation and appear in court as necessary. 

The resources for plaintiffs in Placentia below provide information for departments you can contact in case of an accident:

1) Major Hospitals And Emergency Rooms Nearby:

  • Placentia Linda Hospital
  • 1301 N Rose Dr, Placentia, CA
  • (714) 993-2000
  • Placentia Linda Family Medical Center
  • 2874 E Imperial Hwy, Brea, CA 
  • (714) 996-2390

2) Police Stations

  • Placentia Police Department
    • 401 E Chapman Ave, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 993-8164 

3) Fire Stations In The Area

  • Placentia Fire and Line Safety Station 1
    • 110 S Bradford Ave, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 854-9827 
  • Placentia Fire and Line Safety Station 2
    • 1530 Valencia Ave, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 854-9826

4) Insurance Company Offices

  • David & Madden Insurance Inc
    • 200 Bradford Avenue Suite, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 630-1455 
  • Strong Tie Insurance
    • 1150 Orangethorpe Ave, Placentia, CA
    • (800) 985-2001 
  • Eric Lopez: Allstate Insurance
    • 101 S Kraemer Blvd Ste 218, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 996-8262 
  • Rhonda Shader – State Farm Insurance
    • 151 N Kraemer Blvd #125, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 992-2188 
  • Fred Loya Insurance
    • 624 W Chapman, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 572-1605

5) Courthouse and City Council Buildings

  • North Justice Center
    • 1275 N Berkeley Ave, Fullerton, CA
    • (657) 622-5600 
  • Orange County Public Defender Court
    • 1440 N Harbor Blvd Ste 400, Fullerton, CA
    • (657) 251-6472

6) Local Body Shops In The City Of Placentia

  • Placentia Auto Body
    • 229 W Santa Fe Ave, Placentia, CA 
  • Service King Collision Placentia
    • 750 Monroe Way, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 579-1800 
  • Fairway Ford Collision
    • 1350 E Yorba Linda Blvd, Placentia, CA 
    • (714) 579-3800 
  • Color Creation Bumper Repair
    • 706 Monroe Way, Placentia, CA 
    • (714) 334-8242 
  • Castner’s Auto Service
    • 214 S Bradford Ave, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 528-1311

7) Specialist Chiropractors In The Middle Of Placentia

  • Placentia Chiropractic
    • 151 N Kraemer Blvd, Placentia, CA 
    • (714) 996-1444 
  • Twins Chiropractic
    • 600 S Placentia Ave #600, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 980-4775 
  • Complete Balance Chiropractic
    • 206 S Placentia Ave, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 572-9555 
  • Christopher Mortensen
    • 151 N Kraemer Blvd STE. # 115, Placentia, CA 
    • (714) 996-1444 
  • Dr. Daniel Clements, DC
    • 600 S Placentia Ave #600, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 985-9554

8) Surgeons In The City Of Placentia

  • Placentia Surgery Center
    • 1041 E Yorba Linda Blvd, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 223-9000 
  • Stewardson Richard H MD
    • 1275 N Rose Dr Ste 118, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 577-9090 
  • FCPP General Surgery PL
    • 1275 N Rose Dr Ste 118, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 577-9090 
  • Associated Head and Neck Surgeons
    • 1041 E Yorba Linda Blvd #302, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 447-4100

9) Neurologists Around The Middle Of The City

  • J L Rosenthal Inc
    • 17021 Yorba Linda Blvd # 20, Yorba Linda, CA
    • (714) 577-8572 
  • Alta Neuro Imaging
    • 1075 Yorba Pl # 105, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 990-6536 
  • Dr. Albert Lai MD
    • 1041 E Yorba Linda Blvd, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 223-7000 
  • Dr. Thomas W. Ela MD
    • 2282 N State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA
    • (714) 780-9770

10) Physical Therapists In The City

  • Caldwell Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation
    • 1075 Yorba Pl # 107, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 524-3500 
  • OC Sports and Rehab Physical Therapy 
    • 1041 E Yorba Linda Blvd #210, Placentia, CA 
    • (949) 716-5050 
  • maXum Therapy – Pediatrics Clinic
    • 740 S Placentia Ave, Placentia, CA
    • (714) 646-8318 
  • Hazel Katrina Rodriguez PT
    • 740 S Placentia Ave, Placentia, C
    • (714) 646-8300 
  • Kelly E Reed PT
    • 640 S Placentia Ave, Placentia, CA
    • (615) 778-4066

11) Placentia Mortuaries

  • New Options Funeral Services
    • 2150 Brookhaven Ave, Placentia, CA 
    • (714) 528-7100 
  • Fond Remembrance Cremation Services
    • 895 E Yorba Linda Blvd Suite 201-h, Placentia, CA
    • (714 271-3688


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