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In the midst of the pain and turmoil after a serious Uber or Lyft accident you or a loved one has suffered, you may ask: why hire our law firm?

The answer is easy: Derek is not just any accident attorney specializing in car accidents, he is arguably one of California’s top authorities in injury cases when it comes to rideshare car and truck accidents, thanks to his extensive experience and considering that he is only one in more than 250,000 attorneys in California to be certified in both Civil Trial and Truck Accident law.

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How We Can Help After a Rideshare Accident in Orange County?

As a Lyft and Uber accident lawyer, we possess extensive and specialized expertise in negotiating with these large rideshare companies’ insurance on your behalf. When faced with desperation from our adversaries, we are exceptionally skilled at filing lawsuits and proceeding to court to reclaim damages for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to succeed in your case and ensure you receive fair compensation.

We place great emphasis is helping victims involving serious and tragic collisions involving Uber and Lyft vehicles, incidents with rideshare vehicles and pedestrians, accidents at crosswalks involving Ubers, and a wide range of related events with various rideshare companies that may be liable for your accident.

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If you’ve sustained injuries in an Uber crash, the journey ahead may seem filled with struggle and stress. Derek understands the vulnerability you feel and the fear of facing large companies like Uber or Lyft.

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Can you afford our services? Yes! Our rideshare accident law firm provides free contingency fee counsel for all cases including Uber accidents (you pay no fee until we win) on the legal rights and obligations associated with Uber and rideshare accidents.

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ABOUT Uber and Lyft Accidents in Orange County

White Uber car speeding in Irvine, Ca

White Uber car speeding in Irvine CA

Uber and Lyft are the most recognized ridesharing companies in the United States, and they classify their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. This distinction significantly impacts liability claims following an accident.

Initially, these companies required drivers to rely on their personal auto insurance in the event of an collision, distancing themselves from incidents involving their drivers. However, rising public concern led to legislative changes across the United States, mandating rideshare companies to carry liability insurance for accidents occurring during the active duty of picking up and dropping off passengers.

Rideshare companies and their drivers generally provide good service for their customer, and these companies claim to vet their drivers well, however this is not always the case.

Since their beginnings, Uber and Lyft have actively worked to keep their safety records private, engaging in legal battles and lobbying against public disclosure, particularly in California. The California Public Utilities Commission, since 2013, has mandated annual safety and traffic reports from ride-hailing companies.

However, due to a confidentiality clause introduced as footnote No. 42 in the commission’s rules—added without public notice—the reports have remained undisclosed, blocking access to safety information unrelated to trade secrets or privacy. This secrecy, supported by the commission, makes it challenging to fully understand the safety implications and overall impact of ride-hailing services.

Rideshare Statistics Involving Injury Accidents

  • Fatalities and Accidents: Lyft reported over 100 fatalities in accidents during 2017 and 2019. It’s noteworthy that California is one of the most crash-prone states for Uber and Lyft, partly due to the high number of rideshare vehicles and drivers spending more time on the road​​.
  • Rideshare Accident Trends: Research incorporating data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) highlighted that from 2017 to 2018, Uber vehicles were linked to 97 fatal crashes resulting in 107 deaths. These statistics show a significant risk of fatal collisions involving rideshare vehicles​​.
  • Nonfatal Accidents: A joint study by the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Department of Insurance found that ride-hailing accidents and incidents had generated 9,388 claims, resulting in $185.6 million in losses over three years (2014-2016)​​.
  • Insurance and Liability Challenges: The complexity of liability and insurance coverage in rideshare accidents is significant. Despite Uber holding $1 million in liability insurance, the process of determining responsibility and obtaining compensation can be intricate and challenging, especially considering Uber’s policy terms that imply passengers use the service at their own risk​

How do Rideshare Accidents Typically Occur?

  1. Urban and Suburban Areas: Uber and Lyft are most commonly used in urban and suburban locations. These areas have a higher population density, leading to more ride requests and shorter wait times for passengers.
  2. Airports: Both services are popular for airport pickups and drop-offs, offering an alternative to traditional taxis and airport shuttles. They often have designated areas at airports where drivers can meet passengers.
  3. Event Venues: Large events like concerts, sports games, or festivals often see a surge in demand for Uber and Lyft rides. These services help attendees avoid the hassle of parking and navigating through crowded areas.
  4. Nightlife Spots: Bars, clubs, and restaurants are common pickup and drop-off points, especially during the evenings and weekends. Ridesharing offers a safe option for those who have been drinking.
  5. Hotels and Tourist Attractions: Tourists frequently use Uber and Lyft to get around unfamiliar cities, visiting attractions, hotels, and other points of interest without the need for car rentals or public transportation.
  6. Residential Areas: Many users book rides from their homes to various destinations, including work, school, shopping centers, medical appointments, and more.
  7. Business Districts: These services are also used for commuting to and from work, especially in areas where parking is expensive or limited.

Uber And Lyft Accidents Can Result Due to Negligence On Behalf of Multiple Parties–Who Is Liable?

When it comes to rideshare accidents, it can really depend who is liable for the accident that caused your injuries.

Understanding negligence and recklessness is crucial for victims of rideshare accidents to navigate the complexities of personal injury liability and secure justice.

Negligence, defined as the failure to exercise reasonable care to avoid causing injury or loss to another person, and recklessness, a disregard for the safety of others, often underpin such incidents.

For instance, a passenger, Alex, injured in an accident caused by his Uber driver’s negligence while en route to another passenger, may find Uber’s liability insurance relevant but will also delve into legal nuances to ascertain the driver’s personal insurance involvement. This scenario underscores the importance of identifying the driver’s duty of care, their potential breach of this duty through inattentiveness or unsafe driving, and the direct causation of Alex’s injuries.

Similarly, duty of care comes into sharp focus when examining a Lyft driver, Jamie, who, post-passenger drop-off and still under the app’s operational mode, collides with another vehicle. The determination of whether Jamie was performing duties for Lyft and her possible negligence or intentional misconduct raises questions about the scope of Lyft’s liability. Additionally, the case of Casey, a pedestrian struck by a distracted rideshare driver in San Francisco, highlights the debate over the driver’s engagement with the app at the time of the accident and Lyft’s consequent liability for the injuries inflicted.

Victims in these situations can seek damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, necessitating thorough documentation of all incurred costs and the impact on their lives. Collecting evidence, including photographs, witness statements, and expert testimony, becomes pivotal in substantiating a claim of negligence or recklessness.

However, legal thresholds exist that must be met to prove such claims, alongside potential defenses like comparative negligence or assumption of risk that defendants may invoke. Moreover, the statute of limitations imposes a deadline on filing claims, urging victims to seek legal counsel promptly.

The value of an experienced personal injury attorney cannot be overstated, as they can navigate the legal intricacies, evaluate the breach of duty, establish causation, and advocate for the victim’s right to compensation. Assessing an attorney’s credentials and track record in similar cases is advisable.

In conclusion, rideshare accidents involving negligence or recklessness necessitate a nuanced understanding of personal injury law, from defining duty of care and establishing a breach and causation, to seeking appropriate damages and understanding legal defenses. Victims are encouraged to seek legal advice without delay.

What Damages, Compensation or Payment Can An Attorney Help me Pursue?

If you or a loved one was injured or killed in devastating an auto accident involving an Uber, Lyft or rideshare vehicle in OC, you may be entitled to compensation (typical monetary compensation / money) from one or multiple insurance providers.

Permanent disability, disfigurement and loss of enjoyment of life are terrible consequences of an Uber accident, and need to be truly compensated for which an experienced attorney can help with.

After an accident, you may file a personal injury claim and recover compensation (also known as a settlement) for:

  • Medical bills and health care expenditures
  • Costs of rehabilitation/healing/recovery process
  • Property Damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of Wages
  • Life-Care
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Death of a Loved One (or wrongful death)

How Much money is My Uber Accident Case Worth?

The monetary (Dollar) value of vehicle accident cases involving Uber varies on the specifics of your case and how serious your injuries are. It is not a question that can be easily answered without knowing the details of your case. To find out specifically how much your case is worth, contact us today for a free and friendly consultation.

In general, Uber and Lyft proffer analogous auto insurance regimes, segmented by driver activity. Off-app personal use triggers personal insurance liability.

Conversely, while “ready” in-app without a fare, limited third-party liability is furnished, encapsulating $50,000 for individual bodily injury, $100,000 per mishap, and $25,000 for property detriment. Post fare acceptance, coverage escalates to $1 million in third-party liability, inclusive of underinsured motorist, contingent comprehensive, and collision indemnity, subject to a $1,000 deductible.

In the event of a rideshare accident in Orange County, navigating claims against these platforms can be difficult–it would be highly beneficial to have a specialized attorney on your side!


Can you sue Uber or Lyft if you get in an accident?

Most likely yes. Passengers injured in an accident with an Uber or Lyft may be eligible for a lawsuit as a plaintiff. You should contact a local personal injury attorney before filing a rideshare accident claim or speaking to an insurance company.

Do I Have to Go to Court If I Sue uber?

Most car accident cases don’t have to go to court because they are settled prior to trial, or even before the personal injury lawsuit is finalized (meaning you likely won’t ever have to speak with a judge). This is especially important for clients that are injured or unable to attend due to a disability). Negotiations will take place between your rideshare accident attorney and the defendants’ attorney, and while they can be lengthy, both parties generally tend to avoid going to trial and prefer achieving a legal result via negotiations.

How Do You Contact Uber About an Accident?

You likely don’t need to communicate directly with Uber or with their insurance provider!! Your attorney will contact the at-fault party and their insurance company on your behalf, and recover financial compensation.

Our law offices have been helping victims of Uber accidents in LA, and throughout Southern California for almost four decades.

The Role of a Specialized Attorney

In the evolving landscape of transportation, rideshare accidents involving platforms like Uber and Lyft present unique legal challenges that demand the expertise of specialized attorneys.

These professionals play a crucial role in assisting clients through both the legal complexities and emotional hardships following a rideshare accident. They specialize in navigating the intricate legal frameworks to fight for fair compensation against negligent parties, which may include rideshare companies, drivers, or other involved entities.

The regulatory framework governing rideshare accidents is a blend of state and federal laws, reflecting the dual nature of these services as both public and private transportation options. Key legislation, such as state-specific vehicle and traffic regulations, along with federal guidelines on transportation network companies, sets the foundation for legal proceedings in this area. An attorney experienced in this field will understand the significance of these statutory and regulatory mandates in building a strong case.

Navigating the legal intricacies of rideshare accidents requires a deep understanding of both the statutory landscape and the specific dynamics of rideshare operations. For individuals facing the aftermath of a rideshare accident, consulting with a law group like the Reeves Law Group, which specializes in Uber and Lyft accident cases, is advisable. These professionals combine their comprehensive legal knowledge with a compassionate approach, offering emotional support and guidance throughout the challenging journey of recovery and legal redress.

A specialized attorney investigates every angle of the accident, leveraging their investigative skills to detail the negligence of the responsible parties and secure reasonable compensation for their clients. This includes exploring the roles of both the rideshare company and the individual driver in maintaining vehicle safety standards and adhering to recognized safety parameters. Through meticulous case-building and the use of expert witnesses, attorneys argue effectively on behalf of their clients, emphasizing the emotional and professional support necessary for navigating through difficult times.

Consider the hypothetical scenario where a passenger suffers catastrophic injuries in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle. The specialized attorney would scrutinize the details of the case, from the driver’s adherence to traffic laws to the rideshare company’s oversight and enforcement of safety regulations. By demonstrating the negligence of the responsible parties and arguing the case with both professional knowledge and emotional sensitivity, the attorney aims to secure full compensation for medical bills, pain, and suffering, and other related expenses.

The risk of self-representation in such complex cases is significant. Without proper legal training and a thorough understanding of the regulatory landscape, individuals may find themselves overwhelmed and unable to secure the compensation they deserve. This underscores the importance of engaging a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who can navigate through complicated legal proceedings, argue effectively against negligent parties, and assist in achieving fast results for their clients.

In summary, the role of specialized attorneys in the context of rideshare accidents is invaluable. They provide a supportive and professional partnership to those affected by wrongful and catastrophic incidents, emphasizing the need for experienced legal representation to navigate the complexities of the law, secure fair compensation, and hold negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Client Representation

Having a specialized attorney experienced in rideshare accidents represent you is crucial. These professionals bring a wealth of expertise specific to the personal injury domain related to rideshare incidents. With a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer by your side, you can rest assured that your rights are fiercely protected, and the compensation you rightfully deserve is pursued with vigor. Specialized legal representation is indispensable when it comes to standing up against large rideshare companies and their insurers, ensuring that your case is handled with the strategic and persuasive advocacy it demands.

The expertise of a specialized attorney in the intricate laws and regulations governing rideshare services can significantly benefit your case. They are not only aware of the legal landscape but also possess the negotiating prowess required to deal with insurance companies and other key stakeholders effectively. This expertise is especially valuable in ensuring that clients are not left vulnerable to the tactics of these entities, aiming to secure a fair and just outcome for you.

Venturing into self-representation can seem tempting; however, it comes with numerous risks. The legal intricacies of rideshare accidents are complex and without expert guidance, one may face unfavorable outcomes. Negotiating with insurance companies and navigating through the legal system requires a level of professionalism and insight that only a seasoned attorney can offer. Self-representation often leads to critical oversights and missed opportunities for securing adequate compensation.

The role of a rideshare accident attorney extends beyond mere legal representation; they provide emotional support and compassionate guidance throughout this difficult journey. Their commitment to your case reflects not just in courtrooms or negotiation tables but in every interaction, offering solace and understanding during times of grief. This comprehensive support is vital in not only overcoming the legal challenges but also in the healing process of the victims and their families.

In conclusion, when faced with the aftermath of a rideshare accident, turning to an attorney with specific expertise in this area is paramount. Such a professional embodies resilience, empathy, and a vigilant approach to protecting your interests and securing deserved compensation. They ensure that you are fully informed and effectively represented throughout the case, making a significant difference in the outcome of your lawsuit and helping you navigate through the emotional and legal complexities with dedicated, trustworthy guidance every step of the way.

Why Personal Experience and Expertise is Key

Legal complexities, insurance issues, and the emotional stress of recovery can be overwhelming in a rideshare accident. This is where the expertise and benefits of working with an attorney possessing both personal experience and professional expertise cannot be overstated.

Derek Pakiz is the embodiment of this ideal blend. He lives in the heart of North Orange County (the hills of Santa Ana, Ca) and is recognized as a leading authority in rideshare and car/truck accident cases. Derek is the only personal injury attorney in California certified in both Civil Trial as well as Truck Accident Law, and has taken on some of the biggest commercial transporation companies and insurance agencies in the U.S.

Consider, for example, the turmoil following a collision involving a rideshare vehicle. The path to physical and financial recovery is fraught with complications. However, Derek Pakiz’s comprehensive understanding of both the personal and procedural aspects of these cases enables him to guide his clients through this difficult time with empathy and expertise.

Mr. Pakiz’s approach to rideshare injury cases is deeply informed by his personal experiences working with Uber’s attorneys in the past. This firsthand knowledge equips him to foresee potential obstacles and offer critical insights that can only come from someone who has navigated similar challenges. His advice and strategies are not just theoretical; they are practical, tested, and tailored to the specific nuances of rideshare accident litigation.

While some may argue that personal experience is not a prerequisite for legal expertise in rideshare injuries, the depth of understanding and representation of corporate procedures and processes that Derek Pakiz brings to the table is unparalleled. His blend of personal insight and professional acumen provides a level of support and guidance that is rare in the legal field.

Derek Pakiz is more than just a legal expert in rideshare accidents; he has a genuine understanding of the realities faced by those involved in such incidents. By choosing Derek and the Reeves Law Group, an Orange County-based law firm specializing in rideshare injuries, clients gain access to a unique combination of personal experience and professional expertise that can make a significant difference in their recovery journey.


Working with a Local orange County-based RideShare Lawyer

visiting scene of uber accident mans head from the behind hair and automobile

When it comes to Uber/Lyft accidents, it is crucial to partner with an attorney who possesses specialized knowledge in managing these types of cases. The benefits of working with a local Orange County Uber / Lyft accident lawyer are many-fold.

Firstly, a local lawyer brings a comprehensive understanding of the legal complexities specific to Orange County. Their experience in handling cases akin to yours equips them to navigate the legal system’s intricacies effectively. This expertise is invaluable in securing compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings, and the emotional and physical trauma suffered.

An added benefit of engaging with a local Uber/Lyft accident lawyer is their community connections. These may include healthcare experts, private investigators, and other specialists who can provide critical evidence for your case. Moreover, local lawyers often have established rapport with judges and opposing counsel, which can expedite the legal process.

Accessibility is another significant advantage. Collaborating with a local lawyer eliminates issues related to time zone differences or lengthy travel for meetings, facilitating better communication. Given that the American Bar Association highlights communication as a pivotal factor in successful client-attorney relationships, the proximity of your lawyer can ensure that your case does not suffer due to communication breakdowns, which are implicated in about 60% of all grievances filed against attorneys.

While some might argue that an out-of-area lawyer with more extensive experience in Uber/Lyft accident cases could offer better representation, it’s important to note that familiarity with local legal procedures and regulations is paramount. Challenges such as navigating different time zones or arranging travel can add unnecessary stress during an already difficult period.

Choosing a local rideshare accident lawyer in Orange County is akin to selecting a community doctor over a distant specialist; both are capable, but a local attorney brings invaluable community connections and support throughout the legal journey.

In 2020, there were more than 2,250 active attorneys specializing in personal injury law in Orange County, with a relatively small number focusing on Uber/Lyft accident cases. Given the prevalence of ride-sharing services, there’s a clear need for attorneys with specialized knowledge in this area.

Engaging with a local attorney means grappling with less financial strain as you attempt to secure ample compensation. Legal procedures involving Uber/Lyft accidents involve navigating complex insurance company tactics, which often attempt to undervalue claims. A local expert, by working closely with you, ensures you receive higher settlement compensation, helping to alleviate the significant losses and emotional toll these accidents impose.

If you are a passenger who has suffered a serious injury due to the negligence of an Uber driver, contact The Reeves Law Group for a free case evaluation. Our law firm works on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay fees unless we win your case.

Navigating Legal Complexities

Navigating the intricate legal landscape following an Uber or Lyft accident in Orange County demands a deep understanding of specific laws and regulations, a task that can be daunting for individuals already dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath of the accident. An attorney specializing in Uber and Lyft accidents will manage these complex procedures for you, providing guidance at every stage of this difficult process.

A major legal challenge for victims of rideshare accidents is determining the rightful compensation for their injuries. Attorneys with expertise in this area are well-versed in the full spectrum of damages, from substantial medical expenses to the loss of earnings due to disruptions in work and personal life following the incident. They are also skilled at calculating additional compensations such as pain and suffering or the loss of life’s quality that the victim may be entitled to.

Clients who work with professionals knowledgeable in the specificities of rideshare law tend to receive settlements that are, on average, 3.5 times higher than those who navigate these challenges without legal assistance.

Dealing directly with insurance companies, which often aim to minimize claim values, represents another legal hurdle. Insurance adjusters commonly employ strategies to blame the victims or present arguments that devalue the claim. An attorney specializing in Uber and Lyft accidents in Orange County knows how to counter these tactics effectively, ensuring the pursuit of maximum compensation from insurance providers.

For instance, in the case of a severe injury from an Uber accident in Orange County, my client faced significant medical bills. The insurance adjuster tried to limit compensation by blaming the victim for negligence. Acting as their attorney, I negotiated with the insurance company on behalf of my client, securing a compensation package that covered all their medical expenses and alleviated their financial burden.

Some people believe handling legal matters without an attorney is more cost-effective than hiring one. While this might seem financially sensible at first, foregoing professional legal advice can lead to receiving lower compensation or even losing the case due to a lack of understanding of the legal intricacies involved.

Navigating legal complexities without the assistance of an attorney skilled in Uber and Lyft accidents is akin to diagnosing and treating complex health issues without medical expertise. It’s a risky endeavor where a single misstep can lead to severe consequences. Just as it’s unwise to address serious medical conditions without professional guidance, trying to untangle the web of legal challenges without expert assistance is imprudent, as even a minor error or oversight can lead to substantial losses.

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