Learn what to do when you get asked about your case by family, friends and coworkers from Attorney Derek Pakiz.



So what do you do when you get bombarded with questions about your case from family, friends, coworkers? Take a look at this.


Politely tell anyone who asks that, until your case is over, it’s not appropriate for you to discuss the details of your case. If you’d prefer, you can always say, “I’ll be happy to discuss the details with you, just as soon as the case is over.”

Remember, as someone once said, “Loose lips sink ships.”
Though insurance companies know that anything you discuss with your attorney is protected by law, they also know they can force your friends, family, and coworkers to reveal almost anything you tell them.

Our laws created the attorney-client privilege for your protection. Make good use of it, and discuss all the details and developments of your case with your attorney.