Watch this video of Lawyer Derek Pakiz to learn about the common mistakes many people make after they’re injured in an accident.


Here are the ten most common mistakes that people make after being injured in an accident.

All too often, people learn about their mistakes only after they’ve been made, sometimes with devastating consequences. So let me share with you some of the most common mistakes, so you know to avoid them.

First regarding injuries and medical care:

  • Not going to the doctor or hospital right away.
  • Not following your doctor’s instructions.
  • Trying to do too much too soon after an injury,
  • Or, downplaying your injuries.

Mistakes made on the legal side of your case include:

  • Hiring a lawyer who is not a true specialist in personal injury.
  • Once you’ve hired a lawyer, failing to keep your lawyer informed of important changes in your health or in your life,
  • And not telling your lawyer about past injuries or past lawsuits you’ve had.
  • Talking about the case with people other than your lawyer.
  • Posting details about your case or your injuries on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

And the number 1 most commonly made mistake: Talking to the wrongdoer’s insurance company.

Avoiding these mistakes will maximize your chances for recovery, both from your injuries as well as from the wrongdoer and their insurance company.