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For the last 30 years, The Reeves Law Group has represented Huntington Beach residents and their families injured in accidents caused by the negligence of another party.

Our injury lawyers have a long history of providing expert legal advice and filing successful legal claims for the benefit of our clients. 

You can trust our firm to handle all aspects of your case following a major injury or death from traffic or premise accidents or any other type of accident.

In case you suffer an injury or accident, we’ve gathered essential resources for plaintiffs in Huntington Beach, California.

With our extensive legal experience, we hope to help citizens obtain the protection and compensation they need. If you need a personal injury lawyer in Huntington Beach or Orange County, contact our team today for a free consultation!

The Reeves Law Group – Serving Huntington Beach, CA

Located 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Huntington Beach is a seaside city in the county of Orange with a population of 198,711, according to the 2020 US Census. It is next to the city of Costa Mesa.

It is the fourth most populous city in Orange County. Henry E. Huntington was the railroad magnate and real-estate developer who owned much of the city’s land originally.

The city is nicknamed Surf City because of the 9.5-mile stretch of sandy beach, excellent surfing conditions, mild climate, and beach culture dating back many decades. Surfing is available all year long at Huntington Beach, but residents and tourists can also enjoy a variety of activities, such as:

  • Watch or participate in the US Open of Surfing and other world surfing competitions.
  • Surf to your heart’s content at different surf spots like “The Cliffs” or “Dog Beach.” 
  • Participate in other sports like kite surfing, bicycling, kayaking, and paddleboarding.
  • Stroll across Huntington Central Park, the largest city-owned park in Orange County. 
  • Go bird watching in Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, which attracts flocks of migrating birds yearly.

Accidents And Safety In Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is in the 44th percentile for crime safety, making it safer than 56% of other US cities. Compared to Santa Monica and Long Beach, it is safer in terms of bike collisions, and pedestrian accidents, not to mention violent crime.

Some statistics for you: from 2010-2016, Huntington Beach has recorded 332 bike accidents and 144 pedestrian collisions, which is 20% lower than other beach cities.

However, it remains a busy tourist city with its share of accidents. Here are some notable statistics:

  • 27 vehicles were involved in fatal crashes in 2019, the highest record since 2016
  • Fatal drunk driving accidents increased by 50% in 2019 compared to 2018
  • A total of 95 persons have been involved in fatal accidents since 2016, resulting in 53 fatalities 
  • The fastest EMS response time at 4.5 minutes compared to Orange County’s average of 6 minutes
  • The lowest average hospital transport time at 22.5 minutes compared to California’s average of 53.2 minutes
  • July and December historically show the highest number of accidents, with the majority happening on Sundays
  • 46.7% of accidents occur in the evenings, while 39.4% happen during daylight
  • More accident information and statistics on Huntington Beach

Laws And Regulations In Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach relies on federal and state legal systems to keep order and safety in check for its residents. Additionally, local municipal codes offer another layer of laws that define how residents and tourists alike should behave. Understanding these local codes will help you protect your rights. 

For example, Huntington Beach Municipal Code 10.84.270 states:

“No person shall park a motor vehicle across or on a bicycle path or lane except to obtain emergency parking where signs are posted prohibiting such parking. No person shall drive a motor vehicle across a bicycle lane except after giving the right-of-way to all bicycles operated within the lane. No motor vehicle, motorized bicycle, motor-driven cycle, or motorcycle may be operated on a bicycle path or sidewalk.” 

Bike and scooter accidents involving motor vehicles are one of the fatal incidents that are sadly quite common in Huntington Beach due to the high amount of automobile and human-powered vehicles. 

If a motor vehicle was illegally parked or operated on a bike path and resulted in an injury to a pedestrian or cyclist, they may have a reasonable personal injury claim. The Reeves Law Group’s experienced legal team can help you navigate such unforeseeable situations. 

Major Roads And Highways In Huntington Beach

The major roads and highways in Huntington Beach are:

Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1), a national scenic byway connecting the beach cities of Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach

San Diego Freeway (I-405), which connects all major freeways in South California

Beach Boulevard (Highway 39), the main highway running through the heart of Huntington Beach

Other major roads are:

  • Adams Avenue
  • Indianapolis Avenue
  • Lake St.
  • Delaware St.
  • Palm Avenue
  • Ellis Avenue
  • Magnolia St.
  • Main St. 
  • Garfield Avenue
  • Slater Avenue

Important Resources for those injured in an accident in Huntington Beach

If you have been injured in an accident, first seek medical attention. Then, you may want to file a police report, manage your insurance claims, and do other things. You may also contact an attorney. Attending court may not be necessary depending on your case.

Our helpful list of resources for plaintiffs in Huntington Beach should point you in the right direction if you’ve been involved in an accident whether it’s your fault or someone else’s fault.

Note that these listed resources are not an endorsement for any specific business or organization, they are for reference only. 

1) Major hospitals and emergency rooms nearby:

  • Huntington Beach Hospital
    • 17772 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 843-5000
  • Hoag Health Center Huntington Beach
    • 19582 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (800) 400-4624
  • Children’s Health Center Huntington Beach
    • 19582 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (888) 770-2462
  • Landmark Health
    • 7755 Center Ave Suite #700, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (657) 237-2450
  • Orange Coast Memorial Hospital
    • 9920 Talbert Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA
    • (714) 378-7000

2) Police Stations

  • City of Huntington Beach Police Department
    • 2000 Main Street Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 960-8825 / (714) 960-8811


3) Fire Stations

  • City of Huntington Beach Fire Department
    • 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 536-5411
  • Huntington Beach – Gothard Fire Station 1
  • 18311 Gothard St, Huntington Beach, CA
  • (714) 536-5411
  • Huntington Beach Fire Department – Edwards Station 6
    • 18591 Edwards St, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 536-5411

4) Insurance Company Offices

  • Western Republic Insurance Services
    • 19900 Beach Blvd f1, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (888) 467-1718
  • USA Life Insurance
    • 20422 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 960-6122
  • Dep Insurance Services Inc
    • 2120 Main St #260, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 969-6300
  • California Insurance Finder
    • 21168 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, Ca
    • (714) 960-4700

Auto International Insurance

  • 17412 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, Ca
  • (714) 841-5223


5) Courthouse and City Council Buildings

  • The Superior Court of California
    • 8141 13th St, Westminister, CA
    • (657) 662-6878
  • Harbor Justice Center Newport Beach
    • 4601 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach, CA
    • (657) 622-5400
  • Huntington Beach City Council
    • 4th Floor, 2000 Main St, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 536-5553

6) Local Body Shops in the city of Huntington Beach:

  • Monroy’s Bodyshop
    • 7950 Yorktown Ave #6, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 274-9396
  • Binky Mobile Auto Body Repair
    • 19092 Beach Blvd Unit 1, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 227-1119
  • Gustafson Brothers Automotive
    • 19161 Gothard St, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 847-5600
  • Service King Collision Huntington Beach
    • 18302 Gothard St, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 842-6999
  • H B Bodyworks
    • 18108 Redondo Cir, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 842-9907

7) Specialist chiropractors in the Huntington Beach area

  • Surf City Chiropractic
    • 411 Main St, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 960-7807
  • Beach Chiropractic Sports Center
    • 19900 Beach Blvd # A, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 965-9577
  • Power Chiropractic Center
    • 19015 Bushard St, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 965-5350
  • Thrive Family Chiropractic
    • 18141 Beach Blvd #150, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (562) 386-1415
  • Trigo Chiropractic
    • 19171 Magnolia St #13, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 963-1212

8) Surgeons in the city of Huntington Beach

  • Coast Surgery Center
    • 18800 Delaware St #500, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (855) 263-9968
  • Plastic Surgery Institute of California
    • 19671 Beach Blvd #321, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (800) 235-1234

Huntington Beach Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

    • 19582 Beach Blvd #120, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 848-1911
  • California Surgical Center
    • 18080 Beach Blvd #101, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 848-5555

9) Neurologists in the city

  • Perrine Jr George A MD
    • 19066 Magnolia St, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 968-0068

10) Physical therapists in the city

  • Huntington Beach Physical Therapy Specialists
    • 19582 Beach Blvd #130, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 841-6162
  • Activbody Physical Therapy Huntington Beach
    • 19531 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 960-7995
  • Magnolia Physical and Aquatic Therapy of Huntington Beach
    • 19032 Magnolia St, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 968-3003
  • California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy
    • 7071 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 847-3800
  • Select Physical Therapy
    • 18800 Delaware St, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 848-8318

11) Huntington Beach City Mortuaries

  • Heritage Memorial Services
    • 17712 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 842-2400
  • Heritage-Dilday Memorial Services
    • 17911 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 842-7771
  • Arlington Cremation Services – Huntington Beach
    • 16152 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (844) 267-5888
  • Beach Cities Burials At Sea
    • 15183 Springdale St, Huntington Beach, CA
    • (714) 379-9322

Why Call The Reeves Law Group In Huntington Beach 

For more than 30 years, Huntington Beach’s residents have called The Reeves Law Group for advice and representation in serious and catastrophic accidents.

Our injury lawyers have a successful track record of verdicts and settlements for our clients, recovering over $250,000,000 in damages. Our goal is to help you achieve satisfactory results for your injury and accident claims.

To make our services accessible to everyone, we take Huntington Beach personal injury cases on a contingency basis. Our fees are only charged if we win the case. We want to make sure you receive prompt and personal attention. Our lawyers can meet you at our law firm office or at a location that best suits you. 

If you cannot visit our office, our Huntington Beach personal injury attorneys can also visit you at home or in the hospital. Contact us today or call (800) 644-8000 for a free consultation.