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Residents of Dana Point who have been injured by the negligence of a third party now have a legal entity they can turn to for help. Over the past 30 years, the Reeves Law Group has represented numerous plaintiffs and their families in injury cases in Dana Point.

Injury lawyers at our firm know the intricacies of the law and will work tirelessly on behalf of clients to ensure they receive fair compensation. We have compiled comprehensive information and resources for plaintiffs to help anyone with an accident in Dana Point. You’ll find relevant community information for Dana Point plaintiffs, such as insurance companies, chiropractors, surgeons, body shops, etc.

Contact The Reeves Law Group today to learn more about your legal options following an accident. Injuries at Dana Point can be a nightmare, but our attorneys will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.

The Reeves Law Group – Serving Dana Point, CA

Dana Point is a beautiful city in southern Orange County, California, with a population of 33,000. It’s a harbor city with a rich history dating back to the early 1800s when sailor and author Richard Dana described it as the “only romantic spot in California.” It is next to the city of Rancho Santa Margararita (known locally as RSM)

Used as a pirate refuge in the past, Dana Point features rolling hills, coastal bluffs, and a mesmerizing cove. The city was a popular surfing spot with a legendary surf break nicknamed “Killer Dana.” Construction of the Dana Point Harbor and breakwater has since killed the wave. 

Instead, Dana Point serves as a gateway to nearby Catalina Island and boasts other prominent attractions such as:

  • Capistrano Beach
  • Lantern Bay Park
  • Dana Wharf Whale Watching 
  • Doheny State Beach
  • Salt Creek Beach Park
  • Dana Wharf Sportfishing
  • Ocean Institute
  • The Pilgrim
  • Dana Point Headlands and Conservation Area

Accidents And Safety In Dana Point

Dana Point is a relatively safe city with a C+ crime grade. The annual crime rate is 26.69 per 1000 residents. The northeast part of the city is considered the safest, where your chance of becoming a crime victim is 1 in 56. However, accidents still happen, as shown by the following statistics. 

  • Seven persons were involved in a deadly accident in 2019, the highest count since 2016.
  • Every year, there are at least two casualties from vehicular accidents.
  • In 2019, five vehicles were involved in fatal collisions. There were no drunk drivers, though. 
  • Pedestrians seldom get involved in accidents. On average, only one pedestrian per year experiences a fatal accident.
  • Almost 50% of accidents occurred in Dark-Lighted conditions.
  • Accidents mostly happened during weekends, with March and October seeing the most incidents. 
  • More accident information and statistics on Dana Point

Laws And Regulations In Dana Point

Dana Point is a tourist-friendly neighborhood that implements federal and state laws to keep residents and visitors safe. Municipal ordinances further regulate the public’s activities to prevent untoward incidents.

Municipal Code 14.01.350 allows establishments to use the public right-of-way as permanent commercial outdoor dining or temporary venues for special events. However, specific regulations are provided, and a special City Permit is needed to ensure standards are followed, and the public’s welfare is protected. 

Our lawyers know the law extensively and can assist you if you’re in an unfamiliar legal situation such as if there was an accident in relation to MC 14.01.350 . Contact Reeves Law Firm for a free consultation today.

Major Roads And Highways In Dana Point

The major roads and highways in Dana Point include:

Major Highways:

Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1)

San Diego Freeway (Interstate 5)

Major Roads

Golden Lantern 

Stonehill Drive

Selva Rd

Dana Point Harbor Drive

Del Obispo St

Del Prado Ave

Coast Hwy

Niguel Rd

Street of the Green Lantern

Important Resources for those injured in an accident in Dana Point

Accidents are traumatic, but keeping calm and knowing how to handle the situation is vital. First, check for injuries and call 911. Make sure other cars can see you by turning on hazard lights, fog lights, or your car’s interior light. 

Assess the damage to your vehicle and exchange insurance information with the other driver. Remember to take photos of the damage as well as the surrounding conditions. If there are witnesses, take down their information in case you need to corroborate your statement. 

Call the insurance company to report the damage and cooperate with the authorities. Seek legal counsel and attend court if necessary. Following these simple steps can reduce stress and protect everyone involved when dealing with an accident.

Note that these listed resources are not an endorsement for any specific business or organization. They are for reference only. 

Here’s a compilation of information and resources for plaintiffs in Dana Point: 

Major Hospitals And Emergency Nearby:

  • South County Private Medical Care
    • 24865 Del Prado Ave, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 860-1788
  • Memorial Care Medical Group
    • 32585 Golden Lantern Suite E, Dana Point, CA
    • (877) 696-3622
  • Providence Mission Hospital Laguna Beach
    • 31872 Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA
    • (949) 499-1311

Police Stations

  • Dana Point Police Services
    • 33282 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 770-6011

Fire Stations 

  • Orange County Fire Authority Fire Station 30
    • 23831 Stonehill Dr, Dana Point, CA
    • (714) 573-6000
  • Orange County Fire Authority Fire Station 29
    • 26111 Victoria Blvd, Dana Point, CA
    • (714) 573-6000

Insurance Company Offices

  • Ship to Shore Insurance
    • 24681 La Plaza # 390, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 443-2733
  • Farmers Insurance – Terry Anabtawi
    • 34071 La Plaza Ste 220, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 276-5400
  • Farmers Insurance – Patrick Prendiville
    • 24661 Del Prado Ave Ste 3, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 487-9696
  • Ken Robinson Insurance
    • 6 Corniche Dr Unit G, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 322-4533
  • Low-Cost Health Insurance
    • 33691 Granada Dr #1, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 400-4729

Courthouse And City Council Buildings

  • Dana Point City Courthouse
    • 68 Palm Beach Ct, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 248-3500
  • Superior Court Service Center
    • 27573 Puerta Real, Mission Viejo, CA

Local Body Shops In The City Of Dana Point

  • Dana Point Automotive Services
    • 34342 Pacific Coast Hwy, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 496-1086
  • Orange County Dent and Removal Repair
    • 26920 Calle Dolores, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 842-0000
  • D & H Automotive Machine
    • 25815 Las Vegas, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 493-5101
  • Mobile Mechanic MD
    • 33552 Street of the Blue Lantern #3, Dana Point, CA
    • (714) 914-6976

Specialist Chiropractors In The Area

  • Ocean Ranch Chiropractic – Dr. Slusher & Dr. Dunbar
    • 32585 Golden Lantern H, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 584-5000
  • Coastal Chiropractic
    • 24863 Del Prado Ave, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 248-1314
  • Lucich Chiropractic APC
    • 34189 CA-1 #203, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 240-6422
  • Martin D. Geoffreys DC
    • 24863 Del Prado Ave, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 248-1314
  • Nexus Family Chiropractic
    • 34085 CA-1 UNIT 114, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 356-0556

Surgeons In The City Of Dana Point

  • Niguel Coast Oral & Facial Surgery
    • 32241 Crown Valley Pkwy # 220, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 240-2280
  • Eric Baker DDS MD
    • 32241 Crown Valley Pkwy, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 240-2280
  • Dr. Ian Lehrer
    • 32241 Crown Valley Pkwy, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 629-7240

Neurologists In The City

  • Coastal Neuropsychology & Concussion Specialists
    • 30320 Rancho Viejo Rd STE 102, San Juan Capistrano, CA
    • (949) 481-8414
  • Mission Hospital Laguna Beach Neuroscience and Spine
    • 31872 Coast Hwy 2nd Floor, Laguna Beach, CA
    • (949) 499-1311
  • Hitesh Patel MD
    • 638 Camino De Los Mares Suite D4, San Clemente, CA
    • (877) 696-3622
  • Dr. Andrew McIntosh MD
    • 30131 Town Center Dr #195, Laguna Niguel, CA
    • (949) 249-3780

Physical Therapists In The City

  • Dana Point Physical Therapy
    • 34241 CA-1 # 102, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 496-3896
  • Rausch Physical Therapy
    • 24582 Del Prado Ave C, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 276-5401
  • Coast Physical Therapy
    • Monarch Bay Plaza, 32840 CA-1 Suite P, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 661-8886
  • Your Best Self Physical Therapy
    • 24941 Dana Point Harbor Dr. Suite C-120, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 441-0547

Dana Point City Mortuaries

  • O’Connor Mortuary and Arrangement Center
    • 31920 Del Obispo St #270, San Juan Capistrano, CA
    • (949) 325-0143
  • McCormick & Son Mortuaries and Crematory
    • 1795 Laguna Canyon Rd, Laguna Beach, CA
    • (949) 494-9415
  • Tall Ships Burials at Sea
    • 34675 Golden Lantern, Dana Point, CA
    • (949) 922-2759
  • The Eternity Heart Cremation
    • 28202 Cabot Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA
    • (949) 939-9026

Why Call The Reeves Law Group In Dana Point

For more than 30 years, The Reeves Law Group has represented Dana Point residents and their families. We have a proven track record of getting justice for our clients and obtaining compensation for their injuries. 

We strive to achieve satisfactory results for every client we work with, and we’re proud to say that we’ve helped countless families in Dana Point. The fee for our services is contingent upon the outcome of your case. 

Since we know how difficult it can be to deal with injuries, we provide home or hospital visits. We offer free consultations to injury victims. Just call us at (800) 644-8000. We’re here to help.

Dana Point Information And Resources For Plaintiffs

Our comprehensive Dana Point information and resources for plaintiffs will guide you in case of any accidents resulting in injuries.