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If you have suffered a serious injury, an experienced Corona personal injury attorney will know what to do to help get you back on your feet, get your life back in order and get you the recovery that you need for your injury. We at The Reeves Law Group understand what it is like to have a significant personal injury change your life. We will work with you to get you just compensation from those who are responsible for your injuries.


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No two personal injury cases are exactly alike. The facts surrounding the accident might vary, there could be a strong defense to liability in one case but not in another, or there could be an intervening cause for the accident that caused the injury. Whatever the case might be, the experienced Corona accident attorneys at The Reeves Law Group will take the time to listen to your story and understand all of the circumstances surrounding your case. We will develop a legal strategy that is right for your circumstances. Our Corona accident attorneys specialize in personal injury law and have handled thousands of cases (including car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death and spinal cord injuries) with a 98.7% success rate.

If you’re in the Corona, CA area and have been in a car accident or suffered a serious injury, contact The Reeves Law Group for an immediate consultation.

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A Review of The Reeves Law Group, Corona Personal Injury Lawyers

I was on my way home from work on the I-15 freeway when a guy rear ended me pretty hard and shoved me into the car in front. Two impacts. My head and neck went forward and then rebounded backward. I had pretty severe back pain for more than a year and had to get shots from a pain doctor. The Reeves Law Group told me right at the beginning of my case that they wouldn’t let the guy’s insurance company, Mercury, give me the run-around and lowball me. Well, Mercury did try, but my attorney at the firm, Neil Berry, forced them into court. They eventually paid me all the insurance money they had, which was quite a lot. Originally offered 3k, Neil got me 100k. My advice: don’t try to deal with insurance companies – just get good lawyers. Professional lawyers
Date published: 2015-06-25
Five Star Rating5 / 5


Common Injury Information for the Corona, CA Area

You can find information on common injuries in the Corona and Riverside County area below.

Top 4 Fatal Injuries Reported in Riverside County

Excluding suicides, the top four most commonly reported injuries that resulted in death in Riverside County during 2012 were:

  • Unintentional poisonings, accounting for 243 deaths.
  • Accidental falls with 134 deaths, such as slip and falls.
  • Motor vehicle traffic accidents that killed an occupant in the vehicle rather than the driver amounted to 106 deaths.
  • Homicide or death that resulted from a criminal assault, which was the cause of 96 deaths.

Most Prevalent Hospital Admissions in Riverside County

Again, excluding suicide attempts, the same sources of injury identified above were the 4 leading causes of injuries that required admission to a hospital in Riverside County in 2012. The order varies slightly. Specifically:

  • Accidental falls were most common hospital admission injuries, with 5,869 reported injuries.
  • Motor vehicle traffic accidents that injured an occupant in the vehicle rather than the driver amounted to 928 hospital admissions and was the second most common cause of injuries.
  • Thirdly were unintended poisonings with 692 reported hospitalizations.
  • Lastly were injuries related to attempted homicide and instances of criminal assault, accounting for 562 cases of reported injuries requiring hospitalization.

Leading Emergency Room Admission Injuries in Riverside County

The most prevalent causes of injuries that required admission to an emergency room that occurred in Riverside County during 2012 were a little different. Namely:

  • Accidental falls were most common, with 42,320 injuries reported to the ER.
  • There were 17,045 reported injuries related to being struck by an object.
  • Motor vehicle traffic accidents that injured an occupant in the vehicle rather than the driver amounted to 11,239 admissions to the ER and was the third most common cause of injuries.
  • There were 10,633 injuries admitted to the ER that were related to overexertion.
  • The ER saw 8,650 injuries that were attributable to either accidental cutting or piercing of the victim’s skin.

The Less Frequently Occurring Injuries

During 2012, residents of Riverside County suffered other types of injuries as well. Some of the less common sources of injuries resulted from:

  • Accidental drowning, or almost drowning yielded 76 reported injuries.
  • Injuries and wounds resulting from the mishandling of firearms accounted for 84 reported injuries.
  • Pedestrians are likely to suffer injuries when walking alongside roadways. Pedestrians could be struck by vehicles, hit by road debris, or could trip and fall if the walkway is not maintained in proper condition. Riverside County had 634 instances where a pedestrian was injured by a vehicle and another 95 reported injuries suffered by pedestrians sustained by other sources.
  • Children can accidentally suffocate themselves if they have access to toys, packaging materials, etc., Items that are not properly labeled as suffocation hazards could cause injuries. There were 115 injuries related to suffocation
  • Fire can cause serious injuries and damage to property. There were 310 injuries recorded that resulted from exposure to fire.
  • Bicyclists can be involved in many types of accidents. There were 286 cases where a bicyclist was involved in an accident with a motorized vehicle, and another 2,371 injuries reported that were suffered by bicyclists and sustained by some other source.
  • Sometimes it is someone’s responsibility to ensure that an area is safe for other people to use. When he or she fails to live up to that responsibility, he or she may have been negligent. There were 7,267 reported injuries that were sustained from nature or the environment.
  • Improperly maintained or faulty machinery or equipment can cause injuries to users. There were 316 injuries reported where someone was hurt using machinery.

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