Fact or Fiction: Owning Pepper Spray Is ILLEGAL in Most of Europe?

This is a fact! 

In 2016 police in Denmark sparked anger by warning a teenage girl that she faced prosecution for using pepper spray to fend off a sexual assault near an asylum seekers center. A local police spokesman said: ‘It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely to be charged for that.’ She also faced a £50 fine. The case has caused outrage on social media. Some people offered to pay the girl’s fine for her.

Image Source: mediajungle.dk)

Image Source: mediajungle.dk)

The European Union does not regulate pepper spray, leaving member countries free to regulate it themselves. Pepper sprays containing noxious substances are prohibited in:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom

Where Is Pepper Spray Legal in Europe? 

In Italy − where certain formulas can be purchased, carried and operated license-free by anyone above the age of 16.

In France –trade is license-free and ownership is legal for those over 18 but carry can be punished with a fine depending from the quantity and concentration.

In the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Poland, Russia – possession is legal by most civilians.

In Switzerland, Germany, and Portugal, pepper spray is permitted with a license. However, the process to obtain a license in some countries can be extremely rigorous.

However, even in countries where pepper spray may be legal with a license, the use of it against any person generally constitutes assault in the EU. 

Pepper Spray Is Totally Banned in the UK

Image Source: bbc.co.uk

Pepper spray is almost completely banned in the UK. Its ownership, carry and use by common citizens is banned under Section 5(1)(b) of the Firearms Act 1968.

Believe it or not, in the UK pepper spray / CS Gas is considered a firearm and carries the same legal penalties as carrying a gun does! If you are caught with pepper spray or import it, you will face arrest and a subsequent criminal record. You may even face deportation from the UK.

However, there are so-called “self-defense” spays that are legal in the UK. Often called “criminal identifier” sprays, they do not contain any noxious substances or chemicals and are not designed to injure or cause harm to others. Rather, the sprays are designed to mark an attacker with both a visible and invisible marker dye. The visible dye often takes at least 7 days to come off.

Do you think pepper spray should be legal for civilians for self-defense purposes? Or do you think some countries are right to strictly regulate their possession so that fewer people, even criminals, are harmed? Let us know in the comments below.

41 comments on “Fact or Fiction: Owning Pepper Spray Is ILLEGAL in Most of Europe?

  1. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Mark mckenzie on

    Knife crime in UK cities is out of control and the police can not change that. Pepper spray should be allowed in the UK with a licence and conditions allowing for strict control. I would like the opportunity to protect my family in my house if we were attacked. Is it any difference from using a kitchen knife for self defence in my property?

    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
      Li on

      I don’t think that anyone should have to apply for a license to protect themselves with a non lethal tool.
      Isn’t it your God given right to preserve your life? No government should be allowed to diminish this.

      • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
        TK on

        Amen, brother! It is a preposterous notion that o e should have a license to carry a spray. You should not even need a license to own a gun. Background check? Yes. License? No!

    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
      Davvd on

      Ahahah license.. You have to be joking.. And until you get the license, or if you’re denied, you can at least use the mark spray right? Nothing beats the feeling of marking the attacker with a useless spray while he’s repeatedly stabbing you 😀

  2. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    cc. leny on

    Yes, pepper spray and other self defence items should items should be legal and feely available to 5hose that feel the need to posses them as they well feel the need ton protect themselves and pepper spray is a fairly harmless way of enduring ones safety as opposed to carrying a knife or similar weapons that could kill. I would much rather dust someone down that is being aggrieve towards me knowing that I can walk or run away without getting physical. Would that not be tie ideal outcome from an attack irrespective weather or not you are made or female?


    C. Leney

  3. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
      Patriot on

      Asylum seekers (of the muslim variety) are famous for their unbridled desire for rape of white women. It is actually part of their war on the West “Jihad by rape.”

      Europe has to protect itself against violent muslims and, if incapacitant agents work, OK. Personally, I prefer sulphuric acid in the face.

    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
      Barney on

      Because a lot of these bogus asylum seekers come from misogynistic societies – mostly islamic ones – where they are told that unveiled women – white women especially are fair game to be sexually assaulted. Racial also plays a large factor too.

    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
      Leonard on

      Why not Estban? It is obviously considered not to be a safe area to be in and this would be a warning to others. Saves them having to carry pepper sprays or other weapons if they know that crime is rife in that area.

    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
      David on

      Probably to show that the attacker was a immigrant from a country where sexual assaults on women are permitted or not punished ‍♂️

    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
      Lee Marshall on

      YES it is as they are rapists WELL known rapists if you don’t know that you are a retard or a pathetic lying leftwing cancer…

  4. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Gabor Vass on


    This is a misleading article.

    In Hungary it is FREE TO OWN any kind of tear gas/irritant spray. However it is legal to carry only those under 20 grams of payload, and NON-pepper ones.
    So CS, CN, CR are LEGAL.

    In Germany NO licence required for Peppersprays (pfefferspray) IF there is a TIERABWHERGERAT (defense against animals) label on them. Free to carry, too.

    Denmark legalized pepperspray in January 2019.

  5. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    R. L. on

    With all the crazy Somalians and other immigrants swarming Europe, I am definitely in favor of Mace.

    It’s non lethal and a deterrent. Personally, I carry Fox Spray and give it out to all my loved ones – because… ya’ never know.

    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
      Martin on

      I am only interested in keeping wild bears and wolves at bay when my wife and I go into the Romanian mountains exploring next year,
      But I can see the points that are being made for self defence against the thugs that now roam our streets carrying knives and other weapons.
      I also don’t understand why if its illegal to buy it and use it in the UK why have the police got it and why they are not being prosecuted for using it????????????

  6. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    • Avatar for Derek Pakiz
      Alana on

      Oh please. FOH… as if Europe had no rape, murder attacks, before then. Love the way some men here, who actually sound quite aggressive and scary, are trying to romanticise the idea that Europe was safe for women before immigrants came in. I*d*i*o*t r_a_c_i_s_t_s

  7. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Neil on

    Yes, pepper spray should be legal for use in self defense in the UK. However, if you use it to mug an old lady, then you would expect to be charged the same as if you had threatened her with a knife. The Police cannot keep everyone safe from assault, therefore every law abiding UK citizen has the right and duty to provide protection for him/herself and their loved ones. If a would be assailant is prepared to inflict harm on another person in the course of a crime, it would be reasonable to expect that they would deserve some form of retaliation in return. Pasting a mugger with shaving foam or toothpaste just is not going to cut it, but it would be normal to think that a criminal would think twice about the possibility that they may end up with a face full of Mace. Once again in the UK, the rights of the attacker are put above any rights of the victim.

  8. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Neil on

    Yes, it should be legalized 100%. To class Pepper spray/Mace in the same class as a Section 5 handgun is just plain stupidity. This government is hell bent on removing ANY way of defending yourself, therefore making victims of everyone. You should be prosecuted IF you use Pepper spray offensively, but purely in the defensive role should and must be 100% legal. When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away!

  9. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Mindaugas on

    Hi i am lithuanian chap, and noticed that while Brits aren’t alow to. Defend themselves, stabbing crime increases crazily. So i would say yes to Brits to be allowed to use pepper sprays under the controlled license in concealed position, to fight off potential killer. In Lithuania any knife attack was stopped by pepper spray. It is legal to Cary a pepper spray in lithuania for people above 16 years old. And buy a personal defense weapon if you pass psychiatrist testing and pass all The courses buy a safe to. Keep it and never alowed to Cary it unconcealed, or and under the influence of alcohol (straight yo prison for that) if you go out for a pint you need to leave ot home. Also its only to br alowed in 2 places, concealed on you or safe locked up if you break the rules you go prison. Ans we have Lowest stabb crime and gun crime in Europe.

  10. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Konstantin on

    This is absolutely insane low made from supporters of the criminal gangs walking the streets. At least pepper spray should be allowed for women if not for man to carry last month 2 women been killed with knife in the park here near Wembley, London by 18 pakistani walking the opposite side of the city to look for a victim in the dark. Me personally been chased 2 times once for my dog by a black tall guy and 2nd time for my ebike in the park. Another Asian came to home invade us at 12 at night trying to brake the front door. And this is just me going to walk my dog and going to work nowhere else! This is the life of Londoners and surrounding area constant feat of scum bags walking the streets complete contrast with Spain where people are going out to have fun in the night without fear or foreign criminals.

  11. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    A. Burns on

    yes , the way uk cities have become with immigrants from war torn countries who have brought horrible crimes such as acid attacks and gangs raping and grooming teen girls we should be able to use tasers and Cs gas for defense, do research. In every UK city which has had a huge immigrant surge in the last 20 years, rape, assault, and new disturbing crimes such as acid attacks and line ups have risen massively. And when prosecuted its a very high percentage of immigrants being convicted for these crimes.

  12. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
  13. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Julie Wall on

    It is not life threatening like carrying a knife, or a gun, the knife crime in this country is so high now that I can not for the life of me think why having a pepper spray of some sort for self defense is illegal, My son was robbed at knife point, and beaten, carrying a can of pepper spray would make him and us, as parents feel safer, against criminals, I mean its not going to kill them but would maybe prevent an attack of any kind.

  14. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Michael Coulson on

    The Draconian laws in the UK need changing,why not allow people a licenced carry maybe similar to a shotgun license where you do a course ( one day) over 18s of course which allows you to carry non lethal pepper spray for self defence?
    If enough people shout loud enough maybe we can be heard?

    If enough peopl

  15. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Andy on

    Crazy Somalians? Are you serious. Most people from all countries, creeds and colours are law abiding citizens. Your attitude is that of an I’ll informed racist. You should be ashamed that your heart is so black.

  16. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
  17. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
  18. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    James Carter-White on

    I would like to be able to carry at least pepper spray but even better would be a SW .44 pistol and a .32 ankle holster

  19. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Dave on

    It’s time to ask the people who are at risk if they think the uk should follow the example of Europe and give women the right to defend themselves using pepper spray if they wish , or is it down to men to decide what is good for women, let’s hold the decision makes responsible .

  20. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Adam on

    With all the kidnappings, rapes & murders of recent times & past & the threat of it, with hardly any real solid defence against it, I think it is entirely reasonable for civilians (especially women) to have the option to apply for a licence & buy one directly from select government approved & watched shops with non-fungible token (NFT) tracking them so if stopped the police can track the pepper spray directly back to the original purchaser to see if A. the pepper spray is legal or an illegally bought spray, B. that the person holding it is the officially licenced holder & that their licence is up to date C. the incident it is used in & others that they have used pepper spray to defend themselves in the past is all recorded & tracked on the blockchain on the NFT.

    If they misuse the spray it is taken from them & their licence is suspended or taken away from them completely just like a shot gun licence.

    All this because when you see such high level cases/chilling stories of even police officers on either side of it abducting, raping & killing women to women police officers being attacked & murdered all alone in rural areas like in Kent, over here in the UK of recent times along with all the other cases that could have been prevented if they had a legal NFT tracked licenced & government approved self defence pepper spray for extreme measures in extreme situations.

  21. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
  22. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Biber Gazı on

    OC pepper sprays are allowed to carry in Turkey for using of self defense. Turkish brand Jenix is produced in Turkey and made of OC pepper gas. CS gases are not allowed in Turkey.

  23. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Gee on

    It should be legalized, because there are massive outburst with knife crimes, robberies and police is out of control in UK. Trust me, if you get robbed, they won’t even bother to look for suspects.

  24. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Pushback on

    The UK government/parliament is composed of evil psychopaths who want to kill us all with fake vaccines, lockdowns, masks, 5G, chemtrails, poverty etc. so they are unlikely to allow us to possess non-lethal weapons to protect ourselves.

    The UK government/MP’s may already have murdered half the population with the slow poison covid devil death juice, so they are happy to divide and rule us to the maximum.

  25. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
  26. Avatar for Derek Pakiz
    Joe on

    In Germany anybody can legally buy, posses, and carry along pepper spray. Use for self defense on dogs etc. is legal. Only the use on people is an assault and can probably be a matter of crime, depending on further investigation and judge by court. I case of self defense, charges for that are usually dropped.


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