10 Epic Law Firm Catch Phrases

Did you know that the word “slogan” has its origins in a similar sounding Scottish term for “battle cry”? Although law firm slogans and catchphrases may not be as cool as a Scottish war cry, below are some of the best, and worst law firm catch phrases we have come across. Generally speaking, catch phrases are supposed to set a firm apart from all of its competition. A catch phrase is not only supposed to define what the firm’s priorities are but also give a little taste of the culture of that firm to the client before stepping inside the office. As you will see, some of the firms below achieve this, while others clearly do not. Without further ado, the list:

Image by Flickr User Alex Price

Image by Flickr User Alex Price

The Good

Jenner & Block: “When it’s a Matter of Importance”

The firm’s slogan subtly succeeds in making you think that people only come to Jenner & Block when their case is a matter of true importance. It almost gives the appearance of exclusivity. The trick with this tagline is, of course, that a client is always going to think that his or her case is important and Jenner & Block is no more or less exclusive than all the other big name firms.

Harris Beach: “Lawyers you’ll swear by. Not at.”

It is rare for a firm to have such a great sense of collective humor, but Harris Beach pulls it off with this catch phrase. Lawyers often times are not the easiest people to work with. As a potential client, you should always be on the lookout for a lawyer that will not only represent you effectively, but also connects with you on a person level and is a good communicator. Efficient communication between an attorney and client means a better result in the courtroom.

Arnall Golden Gregory: “Not If, But How”.

Regardless of what happened in your case, a good attorney will always do his/her best to make sure that you are effectively represented in the courtroom and that there is a plan of attack for filing or defending against a lawsuit. This law firm’s tagline argues exactly that.

Boyle Fredrickson: “You’ve got ideas. We protect them.” Boyle Fredrickson is an intellectual property law firm. Their catchphrase is to the point, powerful, and explains in simple terms exactly what they do.

The Bad

Howrey: “The Advantage of Focus”.

We are not even sure what this means. Focus is certainly an advantage for attorneys, but it is also a prerequisite!

DLA Piper: “Everything Matters”.

Does it really? This seems like an apathetic attempt at writing a catch phrase. Unless it is somehow relevant to your case, we do not care what you had for breakfast this morning.

Dickinson Wright: “Exploring Opportunities. Expanding Possibilities.”

This catch phrase is instantly forgetful. Does it mean anything in relation their cases or the firm culture they are trying to cultivate? We are not sure.

Burr & Forman: “Results Matter”.

This is simply a statement of fact and does not really give any value added for the firm. It is true, though, that if you are a potential client you investigate the results of the firm you plan to hire. Do they have a winning track record in the area of law your case falls into? If not, you should continue searching.

The Ugly

Spencer & Associates: “Turn Your Pain Into Rain”.

Analysis is not needed, just watch the commercial here.

Berger & Green: “Get What’s Yours”.

The commercial is even more epic than the catch phrase. Remember that no law firm can guarantee success in litigation. As a potential client, you have to do your research on what type of firm would work best for you.

If you have any epic law firm catch phrases to add to our list, or if you have questions regarding a personal injury, contact a Los Angeles-based personal injury attorney today.

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