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Res S. from Newport Beach, CA
FIVE STARS…? I’d give this firm 10 stars if I could. Talk about the BEST attorney around. This is your man. Attorney Robert B. Reeves in Santa Ana. He has helped me on two cases in recent years.

My first case settled out without any work on my part. That was in 2010. The firm did all the legal work on the case, involving a seven car pile up which totally wrecked my 4×4 Envoy and caused me all sorts of bodily injuries. I loved that car. I have a prior crushed vertebrae in my back, which made things all the more legally complicated and physically painful. I had no visible cuts, scratches or bruises, but I was in severe pain. Initially, the adverse insurance company claimed I was at fault. WHAT! I thought I was going to lose my case for sure. I really felt I wasn’t at fault and Robert took the case and WON. He got a great settlement in my favor. So much for me being at FAULT Allstate. NICE TRY!

Now he is representing me on a second case and working hard on my behalf. I was rear ended and suffered severe pain in my back, a concussion, and ringing in my ears which hasn’t gone away, and other pain. What a gentleman and a scholar Robert is. He personally spoke with me again, even though he is a busy guy, and assured me he would zealously represent me against the UNINSURED driver that hit me. Again, I thought I was going to lose my case because the other driver didn’t have any insurance. Can you believe it? These uninsured drivers are a menace to society, smashing into people and not paying a penny. It is like they robbed me! Robert’s assurances that I would get fully compensated has really eased my mind and allowed me to get along with my daily life. I have a diminished physical state that may last the rest of my life. I really trusted Robert’s opinion and professionalism on this accident too.

Again, Robert and his experienced staff of attorneys, paralegals, Legal Secretaries and support staff are doing ALL the work. I haven’t done a thing! Everybody at the firm is so professional. In particular, attorney Daniel Ojeda, has always taken the time to talk to me about my case and explain what is going on with the litigation, arbitration, and/or settlements. I have never needed to call for a status. Hey, they are ON IT. Sure I have to go the doctor for treatment, which takes time. I’m a busy Realtor in Newport Beach and business is brisk, so I don’t have time to work on a personal injury claim, collect and negotiate the medical bills, collect medical reports, draft legal documents, argue with insurance adjusters who are trying to take advantage of me. These legal matters are way too complicated to handle on my own and I have a law degree! Even though I have a law degree and have been involved in accident claims in the past, know quite a bit about the legal process, I still have Robert represent me my case because I TRUST him and he does the BEST legal work. Thank GOD for Robert and his staff.

These people that give Robert a bad rap on this YELP site are just haters who have no case to start with. Robert can help some people even though they are at fault. But, he doesn’t need to help people with bad attitudes that are too demanding on him and his staff. I can assure you he will give your case all the attention you deserve and if he can help, he will. Why wouldn’t he? It is his job to help injured victims of all types of accidents, auto accidents, slip and falls, product defects, construction defects, wrongful death, serious injury worker’s compensation cases. Robert and his staff work on all of them. He helped out my friend who was bit by a dog. What a nightmare. Those cases are tough, but Robert helped them out, as usual. That’s how Robert gets paid, helping injured people.

Would I recommend Robert to others? Hey, I HAVE RECOMMENDED friends and family to Robert and will continue to do so. He has treated them with respect and obtained fair settlements for them or he’s still working in that direction. All of them have only good things to say about Robert and his staff. They have all thanked me for the giving them Robert’s name. I even recommended my girlfriend’s friends, my girlfriend’s mom’s housekeeper, and my brother’s girlfriend to Robert and they are totally stoked on his legal work.

Robert doesn’t let up until the case is resolved. He acts like a guiding angel to me in person, as the client. Yet, I’ve seen him act like a pit bull when negotiating with the insurance companies. He doesn’t give in. GO GET ‘EM ROBERT! He is THE MAN! And his firm is, of course, THE FIRM!

Ashton H from Whitier, California
I had a great experience with the Reeves Law Group! I had a personal injury dog bite case, and a lot of places didn’t want to take the case because it wasn’t serious enough? uhhh i thought it was! I did it on consignment and they sent people out to take my statement, called my doctors and got receipts, kept on my ass to make sure i sent in pictures and various other forms, and finally demanded a good chunk of change from the owner of the dog!