Watch a video of Attorney Derek Pakiz explain what to when the other side’s insurance company calls you.



So what should you do when the other side’s insurance company calls? Let’s find out.


When the wrongdoer’s insurance company calls, if you already have an attorney, give them your attorney’s name and phone number, and hang up. Period.

If you don’t yet have legal representation, tell them to put their questions in writing to you, and hang up. Then contact an experienced injury attorney right away to see if they can help you.

Remember, the wrongdoer’s insurance company is never your friend. They are calling for one reason and one reason only: To get information from you to weaken or ruin your case. Even answering what seems to be the simplest of questions may give the insurance company ammunition to use against you. So never talk with them at all, and never ever agree to let them record any part of any conversation.