Learn these important tips from Attorney Derek Pakiz that will help win your case.



Here are some tips of what you can do to help win your case.


  • Obtain medical care right away for all of your injuries.
  • If you have medical insurance, get treatment with your network doctors, whenever possible.
  • At every visit, tell your doctor about all of your injuries and all of your limitations.
  • Attend all of your doctor and therapy appointments.
  • Always follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter.
  • Keep your lawyer informed about changes in your medical care and work status.
  • Forward medical bills, accident reports, and any correspondence you receive about your case to your attorney right away.
  • Be candid with your attorney about any pre-existing health problems, injuries, or any prior lawsuits you’ve had.
  • Take photographs of your injuries and of damage to your property.
  • Save items that may be evidence in your particular case, such as: shoes in a fall case or, the product in a defect case.
  • Make your facebook, twitter, or other social network profile private, and do not post any information about your case.
  • Finally, let your attorney know right away if you change your address or phone number — It’s critical that they’re always able to contact you.