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Most Dangerous Roads in California Made Worse by Negligent Driving

The Scripps Howard News Service has compiled a list of the most dangerous roads in the country. The list is categorized by county, and is based on a survey of 562,712 fatal automobile accidents between 1994 and 2008. Auto accident lawyers in California will not be surprised to know that 50 percent of the list comprises of highways in California. The number one spot on......
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What You Should Know About Dog Attacks

With over 4.7 million fatal dog attacks and bites  being reported in the US every year, and California leading the way with the highest number of dog attack-related injuries, it’s time to put “man’s best friend” in a new perspective. That can seem hard to do in a canine crazy country like ours. Dog enthusiasts insist that there’s no such thing as a “dangerous dog,” and while it’s difficult......
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