Fact or Fiction: Biological Male Serial Pedophiles Can Be Housed in Women’s Prisons

This is a FACT!

In the Canadian prison system, serial pedophiles and sex offenders can be moved to women’s prisons merely by self-identifying as women.

Although “women are around five times more likely than men to be the victim of a sexual crime, and men are one hundred times more likely to be the perpetrator of one,” the Canadian prison service allows whoever identifies as a woman into the female prison. Canadian prisons do not keep a record of how many trans women there are, despite the fact that studies show that trans women retain the male pattern of committing sexual violence.

The popular justification is that trans women are unsafe in the male prison. But according to NY Times bestseller, TRANS by Helen Joyce, it turns out that it is being around men that increases your likelihood of being assaulted, whether you’re a trans woman, a trans man, a man or a woman, and being a trans woman in a male prison doesn’t seem to carry any significant extra risk.

Image Source: nationalpost.com

In Canada, a trans woman called “Tara Desousa (Adam Laboucan), whose crimes included a rape of a three-month old baby so brutal that the victim required reconstructive surgery… is now held in a prison with a mother-and-baby unit. And then “Madeline (Matthew) Harks, who committed at least two hundred sexual crimes against at least sixty victims, including girls of four and five” was housed in the women’s prison and after that admitted to a women’s halfway house which also contained a mother-and-baby-unit.  According to the Vancouver Sun, Mr. Harks sexually assaulted two female inmates who were “child-like in appearance” during his incarceration.


In 2021, a high court in England has ruled that it is lawful for transgender women to be housed in female jails in England and Wales.

The high court accepted the statistical evidence showing the proportion of trans prisoners convicted of sexual offences was “substantially higher” than for non-transgender men and women prisoners, but found the data inconclusive.

Female prisoners have been sexually assaulted by transgender prisoners. In one case, a prisoner with a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) called “J”, but still had male genitalia, sexually assaulted a woman named Amy in a women’s prison in the UK.  The transgender prisoner was serving time for a serious sexual assault on a child. J also insisted on showering naked with women in the prison.

Another transgender prisoner , Karen White, identified as a woman but still had male genitalia, sexually assaulted two women inmates while housed in a women’s prison in the UK.


On Jan. 1, 2020, the Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act — California Senate Bill 132 — took effect. The legislation allows incarcerated transgender, non-binary and intersex people to request to be housed in a men’s prison or a women’s prison that’s “consistent with their gender identity.”

Image Source: kqed.org

The law also requires officers to address transgender inmates based on the pronouns of their choice. And it requires officers to search inmates based on the search policy of their gender identity.

Connecticut passed a similar law in 2018. Rhode Island, New York City and Massachusetts have also housed inmates based on their gender identity.

In April, the Los Angeles Times reported that there had been 261 requests for transfers since the legislation took effect and 21 gender-based housing requests had at that point been approved.

What do you think? Should any spaces remain sex segregated, such as prisons? If there are significant differences between biological men and women, why are there single sex spaces anywhere?

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