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San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys

In 2009, accidents sent over 149,000 San Diegans to the emergency room, hospitalized 21,149 people, and resulted in 949 deaths. Needless to say, personal injuries are a serious matter. If an accident happens to you, an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney will know how to help you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

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What is Personal Injury?


Unintentional Injuries and Accidents in San Diego

Many individuals do not know the difference between unintentional injuries and “accidents.” The main difference is that unintentional injuries are predictable and can be prevented by taking appropriate measures. Conversely, accidents are often unavoidable and can happen by chance. In either case, someone ends up hurt, and the harm is usually caused by another person’s negligent actions.

As the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, unintentional injuries are a serious problem. Some unintentional accidents are self-inflicted, meaning that the hurt person caused the harm. However, the majority of unintentional injuries result from the actions of one person causing harm to another. When an unintentional injury or accident happens to you or someone you love, you need to contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to help preserve your rights.

Injuries can result from many sources, such as fires, accidental falls, slip and falls, drowning, motor vehicle accidents, accidental poisonings, and injuries from public transportation mishaps.

Sometimes the Other Party’s Insurance Company Gets Involved

If there has been a severe injury or if someone has died, the at-fault party may call upon their insurance provider to handle the aftermath of the accident. In this case, as the victim, or surviving family member, you will need to retain a personal injury attorney to help you deal with the insurance company. Insurance companies are notorious for deliberately being confusing and difficult to deal with once a claim is filed. Essentially, the insurance company’s goal is to be the biggest possible headache for the victim so that the victim will accept a small settlement just to be done with the whole ordeal.

An experienced attorney knows how to deal with an insurance company. Your attorney will most likely deal with a claims adjuster or mediator for the insurance company, who has probably processed thousands of personal injury claims. The lawyers at The Reeves Law Group have the skills and knowledge to match wits with the insurance company and will be able to expedite the resolution of your case by navigating through the insurance company red tape for you.

Personal Injuries Should be Taken Seriously

Injuries can significantly impact a person’s life and can have lasting effects. An accident could leave an individual unable to work, or in need of medical attention. It is estimated that in 2009, accident and personal injuries cost San Diegans upwards of $3.4 billion dollars in lost productivity and medical care. If you are an accident victim, you will need to contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer because you are likely entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and any lost wages or time you needed to take off from work.

Contact a San Diego Accident Lawyer

If you are seeking representation for a personal injury or accident case, and would like the benefit of having an attorney with specialized knowledge that can help win your case, please feel free to reach out to the attorneys at The Reeves Law Group today for a free consultation. Each personal injury case is unique, and an accident attorney with many years of experience will be able to help you decide the best course of legal action to get you the justice you deserve.

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