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Why Listeria Poisoning is so Dangerous

June 12, 2013
Listeria poisoning

Listeria poisoning happens to be the third-highest cause of fatalities from food borne illnesses every year in the country.

Not many Americans are as familiar with Listeria poisoning as they are with E. coli and salmonella which receive much more attention in the media.  However, Listeria poisoning happens to be the third-highest cause of fatalities from food borne illnesses every year in the country.  One of the reasons why this illness is so deadly is because the infections are often very difficult to detect.

The biggest challenge with Listeria poisoning and is that these infections are hard to detect.  When a person eats food that had been contaminated with listeria Monocytogenes, he may not even to begin to develop symptoms of the illness until weeks later.  By that time, it is hard to determine the food that was the source of the contamination.  That is why, Listeria food poisoning outbreaks are so hard to control for federal as well as state health agencies.  Typically, many weeks have gone by after the food was consumed, and it is difficult to track common foods that might have been consumed by victims.

Additionally, Listeria is very often found in foods that are not normally cooked.  For instance, many common sources of Listeria contamination like sprouts and cheeses, are not cooked which means that there is a high risk of the bacteria remaining in the food even when the food ends up on your dining table.

Many Americans may not be aware of the fact that Listeria contamination very often affects those foods that you don’t really suspect of being involved in outbreaks.  For instance, some common sources of Listeria contamination include produce and cheese which people don’t normally believe to be sources of food poisoning.

Another factor that food poisoning lawyers believe makes this pathogen so dangerous is that it can thrive even in refrigerated food.  It can also conceal itself in appliances where food is being stored, including in grocery stores.


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