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Study Proves That Red Light Cameras Reduce Accidents

February 5, 2013
red light cameras

Yet another study proves that red light cameras are effective in helping reduce the number of red light violations and preventing accidents.

Yet another study proves that red light cameras are effective in helping reduce the number of red light violations and preventing accidents.  The study comes out of Arlington, Virginia, where several intersections are equipped with red light cameras.  Traffic officials found that the red light running rates in these areas declined after the cameras were installed.

The researchers also found that there were particularly heavy declines in the most dangerous violations which were those that occurred 1 ½ seconds or longer after the light turns red.

There have been many other studies from around the country that have indicated to car accident attorneys that red light cameras are very effective in helping reduce the number of violations and preventing the kind of deadly accidents that result from these violations.  Red light violations typically result in so-called T-bone accidents, in which a vehicle that is running a red light crashes into the side of another vehicle.  Typically, these are side-impact accidents, which are some of the deadliest accidents.  Passengers who are involved in a side-impact accident have very little protection, and therefore, these injuries are much more catastrophic and more likely to end in long-term disability, or even death.

California has had a lot of success with red light camera systems.  In Oxnard, the installation of red light camera systems led to a decline in the number of injurious accidents at intersections.  Broadly, there was a 29% decline in such accidents in Oxnard.  Recently, another study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety focused on large cities that have had long-term red light camera system programs.  That study found that in the cities where these cameras were installed, the rate of all types of fatal accidents at intersections dropped by 17%.

In the Virginia study, cameras were installed at 4 very busy traffic intersections.  The cameras were installed in June 2010.  The city of Arlington, where the red light cameras were installed, publicized the existence of these camera systems, and issued a press release.  Signs advertising the cameras were also installed at intersection approaches.  One year after officials began ticketing red light violations, they found a decline in red light running violations at those intersections which had the red light cameras.


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