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Statistics on School Zone Accidents

August 13, 2013
school children

According to statistics, as many as 100 schoolchildren are injured every year in accidents that occur inside school zones.

According to statistics, as many as 100 schoolchildren are injured every year in accidents that occur inside school zones.  Clearly, these are some of the most dangerous areas for children, and many of these accidents are entirely preventable if motorists focus on looking out for children.

Many accidents involving children inside school zones every year involve children who are getting into or out of the bus, or children injured in school bus accidents.  Other accidents involve children injured near their home.

According to some statistics, most accidents involving young schoolchildren occur between 3 PM and 6 PM. Boys are twice as likely to be involved in a school zone accident compared to younger children.

To help reduce the risk of school bus accidents, drivers must make sure that they use designated drop-off locations, and must avoid parking across the street from the drop-off location.  It is highly dangerous if children are required to cross the street to access the bus.

Many accidents involve child pedestrians inside a school zone, and these accidents can be avoided by teaching children to walk safely to school.  Only cross the street at a marked crosswalk.  Children must be taught to practice the age-old pedestrian safety rule of looking left, then right and then left again, before crossing the street.

Plan out the closest and safest route to school that makes use of the minimum number of street crossings.  As far as possible, children must cross at intersections that have crossing guards.

Don’t bicycle through intersections – walk your bicycle through it.  Walk with a buddy.  Parents can check if the school has a buddy system that can help make for a safe walk to school.

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