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San Jose, California Children Rank Number One in Bicycle Safety

March 3, 2010

The city of San Jose has been named number one in a report that compares young students based on the level of training that they receive in bike safety.

That information comes via a report titled 2010 Benchmark Report by the Alliance for Bicycling and Walking in the US. The report conducted a survey of 50 of the biggest cities in the country, and respondents were queried to see how knowledgeable they were about bicycle safety. San Jose scored the highest points, and was ranked number one on the list. The city has been ranked ahead of other bicycle hubs in California, including San Francisco, Long Beach, as well as other cities nationally like Columbus and Honolulu. According to the report San Jose received the highest marks because one in every nine students here had received bicycle safety training.

So, what did San Jose do that has made its children so aware of bicycle safety?

The biggest factor has been that the San Jose Transportation Department conducts a program called Streets Smarts School Safety Education Program. The program is aimed at children between the ages of five and 15. It includes a number of activities that are designed to inculcate bicycle safety concepts in children of this age. All elementary and middle schools in San Jose can request for the program, which does not cost them extra.

The program is not your typical, boring lecture session. Instead, the program makes use of interactive sessions that provide children a fun way in which to learn about bicycle safety. It includes an interactive traffic safety assembly. Children are treated to a special Streets Smarts movie on bicycle safety. There are free giveaways, including bicycle fittings and helmets, always a major attraction for little children. Children are also put through a bike “roadeo” simulation that teaches them safe bicycle handling practices in a virtual simulated environment. The children also undergo classroom lessons on bicycling safety, including the right way to wear helmets, and the concepts of walking and bicycling safely. Children learn through quizzes and interaction sessions with their teachers. They receive plenty of bicycle safety education materials.

This emphasis on inculcating safe bicycling practices among San Jose’s children is part of wider efforts by the city to promote bicycling. The city of San Jose is making efforts to increase the biking on its streets by establishing a bike sharing program. It plans to install more than 300 bike racks in 2010, and 20 new cycle paths are set to be constructed.

California bicycle accident lawyers find it encouraging that the city of San Jose has combined its efforts to increase biking and reduce traffic congestion and pollution in the city, with efforts on bicycling education for children. Raising a generation of informed and educated citizens can foster a culture of bicycling that has numerous benefits. Several California cities have failed to invest in safety, and the results have been clear to see to bicycle accident lawyers in California.

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