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San Diego Rollover Accident Kills Two Persons

May 10, 2011
San Diego Rollover Accident

Deadly rollover accident occured on the 805 on-ramp.

Two people were killed in a rollover accident in San Diego when their vehicle drove off an Interstate 805 ramp. There were four people in the car at the time of the crash and a 20-year-old man and a 21-year-old were killed in the crash. The two other women in the car also sustained injuries. The car seems to have flipped over several times, and the male driver and a female passenger were ejected from the vehicle. Both of them died at the scene. Neither of them were wearing seat belts at the time.  The two other women who were wearing seat belts survived the crash. Their injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

It’s very likely that two lives could have been saved here if both the victims had been wearing seat belts at the time of the accident. The devastation that rollover accidents cause can be seen in the fact that these accidents account for just about 3% of all motor vehicle accidents every year, but cause about 30% of all traffic accident fatalities. Rollovers are some of the most devastating crashes, and can often end with serious injuries or fatalities. Even when people survive a rollover, they can be left with spinal cord injuries, head injuries, amputations and other catastrophic injuries. These injuries can have a life altering effect on victims, who may need 24-hour or long-term care, extensive physical therapy, and extensive modifications to their home in order to be able to lead as normal a life as possible.

Fortunately, the incidence of rollover accidents has been declining over the years. This has mainly been due to the emergence of electronic stability control technology and its growing popularity. Most new vehicles come with electronic stability control systems. The systems are designed to help the driver maintain control of his vehicle by minimizing the danger of a skid or rollover. In a vehicle that is equipped with stability productivity control technology, the system’s sensors will detect a potential loss of steering control, and will automatically apply the brakes to steer the vehicle where the driver wanted to go, thereby preventing a potentially fatal rollover.

Electronic stability control systems have been so successful in preventing rollover accidents, that they are now widely recognized by California rollover accident lawyers to be one of the biggest auto safety inventions in decades. These systems are even more important when you’re driving a vehicle that has a high risk of rollover like an SUV or a 15-passenger van. Vehicles like sports utility vehicles have a much higher center of gravity, which makes them more susceptible to a rollover, especially when they’re turning at high speeds, or braking.

In fact, studies have estimated that there is a 35% reduced risk of accidents when a vehicle is equipped with an electronic stability control system. Electronic stability control systems go by different names. You may also know them as Electronic Stability Program, Dynamic Stability Control, Vehicle Dynamic Control, Vehicle Stability Control Precision Control System, Vehicle Stability Assist and Security Management System.

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