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Phelan, California Car Accident Kills Two

June 25, 2008

The need to be attentive at all times when behind the wheel was brought home in a tragic manner on Tuesday. Two men driving separate vehicles were killed in a car accident in Phelan, when one of the drivers strayed onto the wrong side of the road into the other’s path. Passengers in both cars have been taken to hospital with severe injuries.

The car accident involved a Chevrolet pickup and a Scion. The driver of the Scion, 18-year-old Paul Saravia, was eastbound on Phelan Road, while the Chevrolet was coming in the other direction. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the Scion crossed the yellow line and drifted over into westbound traffic causing the car accident. The driver of the Chevrolet, 50-year-old Pascual Salazar, was killed, and so was Paul. The impact was so strong, it almost wiped out the front of the Scion. The passenger in the Chevy, an unidentified 17-year-old, has been airlifted to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, and has been listed as being under critical condition. Salazar’s passenger suffered severe head injuries and a broken femur, and has been admitted to Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Paul had just graduated, and was all set to go to college. There was no indication of alcohol or drugs playing a part in this car accident, and all four of the people affected were wearing seat bells. Paul was on his way back from Six Flags Magic Mountain with his friend when the accident occurred. If anything, this car accident brings home the dangers of inattention on the road for even a second.

We don’t know yet what caused Paul’s car to go off course and right into the Chevy. Any number of reasons could have caused the crash. A conversation on the cell phone, drowsiness, any kind of distraction on the road can be lethal when you’re on the freeway.

Now, there’s a young man who has been killed in the prime of his life. It’s easy to feel omnipotent when you’re 18 and on the road in a fast car. Accidents like this remind us of how much at risk we are on the street. We feel for the Salazar family too. They have lost a member of the family, with another in serious condition. There’s no indication that Salazar broke any traffic rules, or was negligent in any way, and yet, he paid with his life. With more and more people taking to the roads this summer, being acutely attentive on the road is more important than ever.

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