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Personal Injury Lawyer News

Fatal Car Accident Highlights Risks Facing Elderly Drivers

July 15, 2014
Fatal Car Accident Highlights Risks Facing Elderly Drivers

A 1999 Ford Escort similar to that driven by the couple.[/caption]As baby boomers age and live longer than their generational predecessors, they face significant, but manageable health risks. Advances in medical treatments and medicines mean that older people are living longer, and staying both mobile and independent. This independence and mobility has also led to more elderly drivers on the road. In fact, in 2009 over 30 million licensed drivers on the road were 65 years or older. As drivers age, studies have shown that they will have increased chances of getting into automotive accidents. The fatal car accident of an elderly Riverside County couple, who both were suffering from Alzheimer’s, serves as a unique example of the health risks facing older drivers on the road.

Couple Suffering From Alzheimer’s Discovered After Fatal Accident

After being reported


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$19.8 Million Verdict For Traumatic Brain Injury Suffered In Gas Explosion

$19.8 Million Verdict For Traumatic Brain Injury Suffered In Gas Explosion

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury handed down a verdict of almost twenty million dollars on July 2, after hearing the arguments of a man who was immolated in a gas explosion. Pengxuan Diao was living in a rental home in San Gabriel when an employee of SoCalGas arrived on the premises to perform maintenance on the gas system. That employee recklessly left the gas on, causing an enormous leak into the house where Diao was asleep. When he awoke and attempted to light a cigarette, the house exploded, causing serious burns to over 20% of Diao’s body. He also sustained a traumatic brain injury, which has impaired both his memory and daily functioning.

Complex Cases

Personal injury cases involving traumatic brain injuries


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Chula Vista Girl Dies in Tragic Fall

Parents in the San Diego area were reminded to keep a close eye on their small children after an 11-month-old girl died in July 2014. The girl had been playing on a bed that was situated next to a window in the same room as her father. Her father looked away “for a second,” according to authorities, and when he looked back, his daughter was gone. She had fallen against the window screen, which gave way and caused her to fall three stories. She was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital.

Though police are calling the above incident a “tragic accident,” falls from heights are not always a simple accident. Falls are also more common than many may imagine. The trauma center at Rady Children’s Hospital reports treating 61 children for falls from 2nd story windows in


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Carmax Under Fire for Selling Recalled Cars Without Fixes

Carmax Under Fire for Selling Recalled Cars Without Fixes

The country’s largest used-car dealer is facing strong criticism for its practice of selling recalled cars without fixing them, and then claiming in its advertising, that it conducts inspections of its cars before selling them.

CarMax is the target of a petition by several consumer groups, who have petitioned the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). CarMax claims in its advertising that every car it sells is subjected to a series of strenuous safety checks. It lists a number of components that are checked before a car is sold. However, what it does not mention is that many of these components may have been recalled earlier and may not have been fixed prior to sale.

Regulatory Jurisdiction

CarMax’s practices, as unpalatable as they may be, are not covered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s policies. Federal


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Norwalk Man Pleads No Contest in Rape, Sexual Battery Case

July 14, 2014

A man in Norwalk pleaded no contest to the charges of rape andsexual battery by fraud against women coming to him for spiritual guidance. Jose Romulo Felix advertised himself as a spiritual healer in Spanish newspapers and claimed to be able to solve love issues for women.

In this case, a woman came to Felix for guidance on a matter. Once they were in his office, Felix forced himself on her. For pleading no contest to the charges, Felix is expected to get a nine-year sentence for the criminal offense and be placed on the sex offender registry for life.

Sexual abuse is emotionally and physically devastating for the victim. While the criminal court exists to punish the predators of this type of abuse, the victim must file a separate suit in civil court for financial compensation. If you


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DUI Suspect Found with Scooter Lodged in Pickup Truck

DUI Suspect Found with Scooter Lodged in Pickup Truck

A truck involved in a fatal DUI collision in Palm Springs was recovered on Indian Canyon Drive with a motor scooter lodged in the truck’s front end. Fifty-five-year-old David Buckley Doyle of Palm Springs is suspected of driving his 2004 GMC pickup truck on North Indian Canyon Drive Friday when he hit a 2008 Yamaha motor scooter traveling in the opposite direction. The rider of the motor scooter died at the scene of the collision. Doyle’s truck was found on Indian Canyon Drive about a mile away from the scene of the collision with the scooter still attached to the front of it.

Doyle currently faces charges of driving while intoxicated, gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Drunk Driving a Significant Threat to Riverside County Drivers

Numerous public information campaigns, such


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Teens Suffer Serious Injuries in Ramona Car Accident

July 11, 2014

In late June, two teens were in a Jeep Patriot on San Vicente Road when they were involved in a serious accident. The California Highway Patrol reported that the Jeep collided with two different power poles at 4:30 am. An ambulance took the male driver to the emergency room for treatment of serious injuries.  A female passenger was found unconscious at the scene and had to be airlifted to the hospital.

What caused the accident?

California Highway Patrol officers are investigating the cause of the single-car crash, which could include several different factors. Determining the cause of an accident is very important to identify whether any party acted negligently in causing the crash. For example, if the driver was negligent, the family of the injured teen girl may be able to


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San Bernardino County Harley-Davidson Dealership Holds Motorcycle Safety Awareness Day

The Quaid Harley-Davidson Loma Linda recently held a Motorcycle Safety Awareness Day in conjunction with the California Highway Patrol. During the safety awareness day, one of the dealership’s parking lots was taped off with yellow tape and orange traffic cones so patrol officers who ride motorcycles, called Motor Officers, could practice their riding skills in an obstacle course. The Motor Officers go through a two-week training course, and were using the safety awareness day as an opportunity to demonstrate the skills that they learned.

According to Motor Sergeant Bill Rangel, who works with the San Bernardino area of the California Highway Patrol, to become a Motor Officer you first become a California Highway Patrol Officer, and then you must apply and complete 30 days of training in addition to the two-week training course. At the two-week training course, the


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Woman Arrested in Fatal Fullerton Motorcycle Crash

On the night of June 21, 2014, there was a car accident on Lemon Street in Fullerton. A Harley-Davidson motorcycle collided with a Nissan Sentra, injuring the motorcyclist badly enough that he was declared dead at the scene. Robert Lavender III, 29, hit the Sentra’s right rear corner at speed. The Sentra’s driver, Deanna Marie Soto, 39, was trying to make a left turn and did not see the motorcycle. According to the Orange County Register, she had been drinking before the accident, and was thus booked on charges of DUI, as well as vehicular manslaughter. Another passenger in the Sentra sustained major injuries, and Soto herself complained of pain.

This is a distressingly common accident scenario. According to the most recent data from the California Highway Patrol, Orange County had the fourth highest number of alcohol-related


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Tesla Driver Leaves Trail of Death and Injuries

July 9, 2014
Tesla Driver Leaves Trail of Death and Injuries

NBC Los Angeles and other news media outlets reported this weekend that the driver of a Tesla-brand electric car left at least three people dead and two injured after colliding with multiple cars. Fifty-eight-year-old Ric Garrison was identified as the driver of a Tesla that collided with a 2004 Toyota Corolla on the 14 Freeway near Avenue S. By the time the California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrived on scene, the Toyota was on fire. Bystanders and witnesses helped remove the occupants of the Toyota. Three of the occupants – the 40-year-old driver as well as two child passengers – were pronounced dead at the scene. Two other occupants of the Corolla (a 31-year-old and a 6-year-old) were safely extracted from the Corolla and taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Garrison suffered minor injuries. Although


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