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Food Truck Safety

August 22, 2013
food truck safety

Food trucks have become a popular and recognized part of the California culinary landscape.

Food trucks have become a popular and recognized part of the California culinary landscape. However, it is important to determine that the food truck that you buy your food from adheres to strict quality and hygiene standards to reduce the risk of foodborne infections.

Contrary to popular belief, food trucks, even though they are informal dining options, are still subjected to regulations by local authorities. In other words, your local food truck must comply with all California as well as local county food truck safety rules and regulations. These rules may differ not just from state to state, but also county to county.

One of the biggest causes of foodborne infections involving cooked foods, is relates to temperature. Make sure that your food is served at the proper temperature. Cold foods must be served cold, and hot foods must be served hot. When proper temperature guidelines are not followed, it only opens the door for bacteria to contaminate these foods, and then multiply at a rapid rate.

Food poisoning attorneys find that another major factor in foodborne infections that are traced to mobile food trucks is the sanitary and hygiene practices of the workers who prepare and serve your food. It is important that the workers avoid touching foods with their bare hands. All workers, not just the chefs but also the persons who serve the food, must wear disposable gloves, while serving food.

Touching foods with the hands contributes to the spread of germs, which quickly leads to foodborne infections. Apart from gloves, food truck workers can also use wax paper, and tongs to move food from one place to another or to serve food.

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