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Feds Investigate Reasons for Increase in Bicycle Accident Fatalities

December 18, 2012
bicycle accident attorneys

Last year, the federal administration recorded a sharp 8.7% increase in the number of people killed in bicycle accidents across the country. This is a major concern for bicycle accident lawyers throughout California.

Last year, the federal administration recorded a sharp 8.7% increase in the number of people killed in bicycle accidents across the country.  The federal administration has not yet begun analyzing the reasons for this increase, but a growing population of bicyclists is being blamed for the higher fatality numbers last year.

The increase in bicycle accident fatalities came even as the federal administration reported record drops in traffic accident fatalities across the country.  Many states, however, saw increases in auto accident fatalities, including California.  However, the national auto accident fatality toll dropped to the lowest levels on record since 1949.

That is what makes this increase in bicycle accident fatalities even more surprising to bicycle accident attorneys.  The Governors Highway safety Association believes that an increasing number of bicyclists on our roads is responsible for the increase in the bicycle accident death toll.  There is no doubt that more bicyclists are biking to work and for recreation than ever before.  In some states, the increase in the number of bicyclists has been staggering.  For instance, Washington DC has seen a staggering increase of 175% in bicyclists, over the past 8 years alone.

There has been a strong promotion of bicycling, as a sustainable and green mode of travel.  As concerns about gas prices increase, and fuel continues to remain a politically volatile issue, many bicycling organizations have promoted bicycling heavily.  Additionally, in many congested states across the country, like in California, bicycling has its own pleasures.  Moreover, bicycling is seen as being a healthy way to travel for an American population that is in the midst of an obesity epidemic.  Bicycling is not just fun, but also healthy.

The federal administration’s data for last year indicates that federal transportation agencies as well as transportation safety officials at the state and local levels need to get more serious about fostering and promoting a safer environment for bicyclists.  There is no denying the fact that there has been an increase in the bicycling population, and states need to make an effort to ensure that these bicyclists have access to more bike lanes, and safer biking infrastructure.


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