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Rash of Dog Bite Attacks in Ventura

December 2, 2010
Dog Bite Attack

A typical Staffordshire bull terrier one of three types of breeds commonly known as Pit Bulls.

A number of recent dog bite attacks involving both people and animals in Ventura has concerned California dog bite attorneys and residents of the city. Many of these attacks have involved larger breeds attacking smaller breeds or their owners. Owners have been attacked as they were walking their dogs in dog parks. Many of these attacks have involved pit bulls and pit bull breeds, and this has reignited the debate over whether pit bulls are inherently dangerous if they should be controlled through breed specific legislation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most <strong>dog bite attacks</strong> involve pit bulls and pit bull breeds. The most recent statistics available for the year 2001, indicate that pit bulls were responsible for the most number of fatal dog bite injuries that year.  These were followed by Rottweilers and German Shepherds. Between 1979 and 1998, pit bull breeds were involved in 66 fatal dog bites while Rottweilers were involved in 39 fatal dog bites. German shepherds were linked to 17 deaths from dog attacks.  However, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention report does not recommend breed-specific legislation as a means of controlling dog bites traced to pit bulls.

The issue of dog bites involving pit bulls has been rife with controversial personal liberty and civil issues. For instance, for every person who wants to ban pit bull breeds or have these breeds sterilized, there is an ardent pit bull supporter who insists that these animals are perfectly well-behaved, provided they are with the right owners. Therein lies much of the problem with pit bulls and pit bull breeds. These dogs may be more aggressive, and through the centuries were reared specifically for fighting.

That doesn’t mean that these dogs have to be involved in more attacks.  Most attacks can be avoided if owners take the time to train these dogs, make sure that they are restrained at all times, and avoid situations where the dogs can sneak out of the property. Unfortunately, many attacks involve pit bulls that are not leashed, or have managed to sneak out from their yard.

The breed does also seem to attract a particular kind of owner. While no generalizations can be made, there are certain owners of pit bulls who do gravitate towards these animals because of their aggressive tendencies. They are hardly the kind of owners who would give an animal the kind of love and care it needs or invest in the training that such dogs require. A pit bull that is chained to a yard 24/7, and barely has enough exercise, or has not been socialized, is less likely to be comfortable around other people or animals.

Dog owners need to be more responsible about safety, especially when it comes to walking their dogs or keeping them properly restrained. The fence in your yard must be constructed to prevent your dog from escaping, and your dog must be leashed when he’s out at all times.

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