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Charity Spotlight: Doggone Safe

October 23, 2013

Dog Bite Prevention Through Education

doggone safe logo

Our charity in the spotlight this week

Doggone Safe is an organization that focuses on educating others in order to prevent dog bite injuries. They believe that in order to prevent a dog bite, you must understand what motivates a dog to bite and reduce the risk through modification of human and dog behavior and interaction. In most cases, a dog bite is a normal behavior and does not mean they are a bad dog, we must learn how to modify their behavior in order to prevent this dog bite injury.

The Doggone Safe’s education program is a guided program that includes real world events and situations. That way, a person learns how to forever avoid these situations. These educational programs are meant to teach schools, parents, expectant parents and workers. No matter your age, their website is an extremely useful asset where you can learn more about dog bite prevention. There is something here for everyone.

One great aspect of the website is that it has a section that teaches you how to read a dog. For example, it can teach you how to read when a dog is in an aggressive mood or when they are anxious. You can also learn how to read a happy dog. This will help you understand when you can approach a dog, and when you should stay away.

In addition to this, they have a lot of educational materials for bite prevention no matter whether you are a kid, parent, or dog owner. If you do end up being bitten by a dog, this website offers support to these victims. It has real life stories that may help you cope with your injury, but it also gives you certain moderated chat rooms where you can go and talk to others who have experienced a dog bite injury.

This site also includes a section where you can search for a trainer in any particular service you may be looking for. You can search by your criteria and your area. This is very important if you are considering some behavioral training for your dog, especially if he or she tends to be a biter.

I urge you to check out this site and learn more about their cause. It really is educational, and it has many other resources that are available to you as well. For example, you can also look up events in your area, you can donate, you can even become a member. The Reeves Law Group sees first hand what can happen when a dog bite injury occurs and how this organization will be able to stop dog bites through education. Visit and become a member here.

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