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Volunteer Killed in Oakland Drunk Driving Accident

Volunteer Killed in Oakland Drunk Driving Accident

August 19, 2008

A giving soul, always generous with his time and skills to help those less fortunate across the world – that’s what Scott Leister’s family now has to remember as. The 21-year-old was killed Sunday morning in a drunk driving accident involving his car and a Subaru on the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge

Scott, a graduate of the Athenian School in Danville, was retuning home from a visit to San Francisco at the time of the accident. He was with his brother Chris as well as two friends. At about 2:20 am Sunday morning, the car was apparently slammed into by a Subaru Impreza from behind. The impact of the crash sent both cars spinning out of control, and both cars slammed against the bridge railing. Scott, who happened to be sitting in the back seat, received the full


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Woman Charged in El Dorado Motorcycle Accident

August 18, 2008

What the California Highway Patrol suspected to be just another El Dorado motorcycle accident is now quickly taking on the shades of a murder.  Police have booked a young woman who is suspected of vehicular manslaughter after her car was involved in a head-on drunk driving accident that killed a young man on a motorcycle.

The young man, 23-year-old Anthony James Payne, and the woman 23-year-old Melissa Nichols apparently had been dating. At about 7:45 am last Friday, according to a witness, the two were talking to each other at Carson Road.  After the conversation, they appear to have each gone their own separate ways. Nichols drove off in her Pontiac Grand AM, while Payne sped off on his motorcycle.

After a while however, Payne seems to have had a change of plan, and turned his motorcycle around. He came


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Police Say Car Involved in Fatal Car Accident Fled DUI Checkpoint Minutes Before Crash

August 12, 2008

A tube of lipstick, a smashed pack of cigarettes and a solitary sandal were all that was left to speak of the occupants after a single car accident in Denver last week. The brutal impact of the accident killed three of those inside, including the driver, with the fourth passenger clinging to life at a Denver hospital. Now, state patrol authorities say that the car in question had just fled the scene of a DUI checkpoint just minutes before the crash.

After fleeing the checkpoint, the Subaru Impreza driven by 22-year-old James Thomas, apparently hit a raised island in the road, and was thrown into the air.  Thereafter, it hit the median, and then was launched into the air after which it flipped over, landing on its roof. James, his girlfriend Danielle Devores, and other passenger Melissa Buns were killed


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Investigation Show San Jose Drunk Driving Accident Accused May Have Been Protected by Cops

July 14, 2008

Investigation Show San Jose Drunk Driving Accident Accused May Have Been Protected by Cops

In what are potentially frightening revelations by interviews conducted with paramedics during the investigation into the March 25 drunk driving accident involving a former San Jose cop, it’s becoming more and more clear that cops on duty at the scene of the car accident conveniently neglected to conduct blood alcohol tests on the former officer or press for DUI charges.

We’ve always known that the “protecting their own” syndrome, that has afflicted police departments in many parts of the country, is alive and well in California. There have been a few instances in the past where cops who have caused car accidents by their negligence or by driving intoxicated have been treated with kid gloves by their fellow police personnel. What’s shocking in the case of


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San Bernardino Drunk Driving Accident Kills High School Student

July 8, 2008

Once again, we see the destruction that drunk driving accidents cause, and this time we’re left with a series of “what if” questions about the deceased. Victoria Lemus, a promising 16-year-old high school student, was killed on Saturday after being involved in a car accident in San Bernardino.

Victoria, who had just finished her sophomore year, had chosen to attend campus for the first day of a fall peer leadership training program. She had just been honored at a Rotary luncheon, recognizing her as a member of the Club’s Life scholars on Tuesday. As she left the venue with two other people in a Kia Sedona, a red Chrysler, driven by Dwight Dalton Davis, a Los Angeles resident, ran a red light, and collided with the Sedona at the intersection between Fifth and E Streets in downtown San Bernardino. The


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Defense in Fatal Sacramento, California Drunk Driving Accident Claims Alcohol was Not a Factor

June 24, 2008

In a curious turn of events, lawyers for a political activist who has been charged in a drunken driving accident resulting in four deaths, has made a bizarre claim. The attorney now alleges that Robert P. Vellanoweth, – although he had a blood alcohol level after the crash of 0.16 – was “not under the influence of alcohol”, and that the other driver in the case was the real culprit.

The drunk driving accident, which made headlines when it happened, involved Vellanoweth, a prominent figure in Sacramento Republican circles, in his Jeep Cherokee and a Chrysler Lebanon. In the Chrysler were 21-year-old Brizchelle Rice-Nash, who was driving the car, her 19-month-old son Kamal, her sister, 17-year-old Brittanya Rice-Nash, family friend 18-year-old Shanice Patrice Carter, and 18-year-old Tanish Jackson. When the two vehicles collided at 35th Avenue near South Land Park


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Riverside Drunk Driving Accident Victim Faces Injustice

June 11, 2008

There might not be hope in sight for 20-year-old Angel Felix. Severely injured in a drunk driving accident three months ago, the Riverside resident faces the loss of his earning potential and ever rising medical costs as a result of the car accident. Attorneys unfortunately say he might never see much by way of compensation.

Felix was in a car driven by his fiancée, Anna Maria Manzo, on February 22. The two were on their way to San Bernardino, and were on Highway 21. Unknown to them, 19-year-old Robert E. Perkioniemi Jr entered the same highway driving on the wrong side of the road at about 9:23 pm, and began barreling down towards them at 90 miles per hour. He had, investigations later showed, been drinking with his friends before the car accident. As he raced down in his alcohol


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High School Football Coach Killed in San Diego Drunk Driving Accident

June 10, 2008

A high school football player and football coach was killed in a drunk driving accident in Del Mar part of San Diego County. 24-year-old Bradley James Dilahunty was a coach at the Santa Margarita Catholic High School, where he had also studied and played football for the team years earlier.

The drunk driving accident occurred in the early hours of Friday morning. Bradley, a Laguna Niguel resident, was riding in a car driven by Milton Willis, a well-known surfer in town, in the latter’s Toyota Avalon. The car was driving at 65 mph in a 25 mph zone. As it sped northward on Coast Boulevard, Willis, who was driving, ran the stop sign on 20th street. The car then bottomed out and slid against a tree. It hit another parked car and tree before coming to a stop. Dilahunty was


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Father of Man Killed in Bicycle Accident Files Lawsuit

June 3, 2008

The father of a bicyclist killed in a collision with a drunk driver has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver.

The lawsuit relates to the death of Lawrence E. Anderson Jr. when he was riding his bicycle on April 15 on Plymouth Ridge Road in Jefferson, Ohio. A car driven by Kevin R. Mills of Ashtabula struck the bicycle causing fatal injuries to the bicyclist. He was taken for treatment of his injuries to the Huron Road Hospital, where he died a day later.

Mills in the mean time fled the scene. He later turned himself in, and by then, it was too late to take a sobriety test. He did admit to the police officers that he had had a little alcohol to drink before the crash. He showed the police his car, which had also suffered


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Bond Set in Chicago DUI Accident Case

May 9, 2008

All his life, Joseph Richardson was used to making sure that his loved ones were safe. His brother remembers how he always watched out for him when they were kids, protecting him from neighborhood bullies. On Monday evening, all of Richardson’s protective instincts would be called again to the fore, this time to protect his daughter. As usual, he didn’t flinch. The “bully” here was – who else? – a drunk driver, and in the couple of seconds before Richardson died, he was able to raise his 4-year-old daughter to safety. He died from injuries sustained in the crash, while his daughter, Kaniyah, survived.

The father and daughter duo, Chicago residents, were walking to a McDonalds restaurant, when a Chevy Cavalier lost control and jumped the curb. The car careened towards them, and in the split second that he had


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